Boracay’s Top 23 Things To Do & Activities Not To Miss

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Boracay Island is small in size but diverse in things to do. From the beaches to the nightlife and everything in between, there are many activities to choose out of…

Knowing that, how do you find the activities that best fit your style? Read on to find out…

In this guide I show you the 23 best things to do and a few hidden gems, so that you’ll have detailed knowledge about what’s there, which will enable you to build a fun itinerary.

Organized Activities & Where To Book

These activities are organized by third parties and most of them have to be booked in advance. They revolve around a variety of things, but most of them are in or around the water. My personal favorites are Ariel’s Point, Paraw Sailing and the Helicopter Tour.

The best way to book these activities is online via Klook. Online prices used to be inflated, but that’s no longer the case. Klook now offers cheap prices that are on par with local rates.

Tour the Island Like a Boss in a Helicopter

Play the video to see the beauty of Boracay from above

With this helicopter tour you get to experience the ultimate aerial view of Boracay, flying around the entire island to get views of its different beaches and surrounding islands.

If you’ve never experienced flying in a helicopter before, this is a chance to do so at a surprisingly affordable rate (the rate surprised me at least).

The helicopter can carry 3 people (excluding the pilot), and flights last from 10 up to 20 minutes. Book it on Klook…

Go Cliff Diving at Ariel’s Point

Ariel’s Point is a small rocky island 30 minutes from Boracay with 5 diving boards, ranging from 3 to 15 meters.

The challenge of cliff diving combined with the natural environment, the social setting, unlimited drinks and a BBQ buffet make it one of Boracay’s most popular things to do.

It’s a day trip and the use of activity equipment such as snorkeling gear, stand up paddleboards and kayaks is included. Book it on Klook…

Explore Boracay’s Beaches and Islands by Boat

With Island Hopping you won’t only explore Boracay’s surrounding islands, but also some of its 12 beautiful beaches. Buffet lunch and snorkeling equipment are included and you can choose between a group or a private tour.

I recommend the group tour if you want to make new friends, and the private tour if you want to be in control of which places you visit, and how long you stay at each. Book it on Klook…

Party and Make Friends with Pub Crawl

Pub Crawl is a bar hopping activity with a focus on building friendships via fun games that encourage you to connect with the other pub crawlers. The group size varies from 40 to 150 people and each night they visit 5 different bars/clubs.

The activity includes 10 free shooters, club entrance fees and a 10% discount + drink specials at every stop. Book it on Klook…

See Boracay from up High with Parasailing

Parasailing is an exhilarating way to get amazing aerial views of Boracay and its surroundings. You’ll have about 15 minutes of air time to enjoy. There’s not much more I can say about it except: play the video, it’s worth a thousand words 🙂 Book it on Klook…

Go on a Sailing Adventure with a Paraw

A paraw is a local sailboat that’s similar to a catamaran in that it has 2 outriggers. Depending on the time of day and the weather you’ll have a different experience…

My favorite times are on windy days (an adventure due to the high speed and waves) and during sunset (relaxing calm weather and amazing sunset views).

A paraw can carry up to 6 people and you can choose between a private or a join in group tour, both normally last 1 hour. Book it on Klook…

Go on a Mainland Adventure Tour

Mainland Adventures Tour

The mainland adventures tour is a day trip that takes place at and around Nabaoy River. A jungle garden next to the river serves as the base camp from which you can explore the surrounding nature, enjoy the BBQ lunch and do add-on activities.

There are many add-on activities to choose from, such as river tubing, waterfall exploration, mountain biking and more.

Explore the Underwater World with Scuba Diving

Boracay has over 15 dive sites that are all accessible via a short boat ride. Most of them are easy so it’s a perfect place for beginners to learn. If you’re a more experienced diver then there are some challenging dive sites as well, like Yapak. Book it on Klook…

Go Helmet Diving and Find Nemo

Play the video to find Nemo, he’s out there 😉

Helmet diving is the easiest way to enjoy the underwater world of Boracay. No swimming ability or diving knowledge is required. Just put the helmet on and you’re ready to go.

Once you’re down under you’ll be surprised at how tame the fish are, I know I was. They’re not scared of you, and you can feed them too. Your guide will also take underwater pictures of you and your friends which you can take home as a fun reminder of the activity. Book it on Klook…

Fly with the Zipline

Zip down across Boracay’s landscape in the superman position and feel the high speed thrill as you take in the view of the lush green landscape, and lapuz lapuz beach to your right.

The zipline ride takes about 3 minutes. After that you’ll travel back up to your original position in a cable car. That ride takes 15 to 20 minutes, so on the way back you’ll have time to enjoy the view in a more relaxing setting.

Ride the Fly Fish

Fly Fish

The Fly Fish is a big inflatable raft that goes airborne when a speedboat pulls it along at high speed. At medium speed it’ll start to make unpredictable movements as the front of the raft lifts up. It’s lots of fun trying to hold on as it twists and turns and occasionally goes airborne.

Become a Mermaid & Get a Photoshoot

Mermaid Swimming and Photoshoot

Learn to swim like a mermaid in Boracay’s clear blue waters and mingle with other mermaids. You can also capture your transformation with a mermaid photo shoot. Book it on Klook…

Get a Massage


Picture by Gareth Williams

After a fun filled day of activities, what better way is there to relax than with a massage, rest and let your body recharge for the evening. You can get a massage either along the beach or inside a spa. On the beach is usually cheaper, most commonly ₱350 (~USD $7).

If you’re in for something more than a basic massage, I recommend the luxury spa experience at The Lind Resort.

Do It Yourself Activities

Do it yourself activities are things that you can do on your own, without booking at any third party. They revolve around visiting & exploring places, eating and drinking, and shopping.

Visit More of Boracay’s 17 Beaches

Secret Beach

One of Boracay’s secret beaches, picture by Ianne Nobe

Did you know that Boracay has 17 beaches? Most only know about White Beach, Puka Beach, and maybe Bulabog and Diniwid Beach. But there are 13 more beaches, each with their own attraction. Such as Tambisaan for snorkeling, and 2 secret beaches with untouched nature…

You can get to most of those beaches via a tricycle, and to even more of them via island hopping. With island hopping you can also visit more beaches in less time, but you can only control which beaches you visit and how long you stay at each when you book a private tour.

Explore the Colorful D’Mall

D'Mall Shopping

Stroll through and explore the colorful D’Mall, Boracay’s main outdoor mall. D’mall has a large variety of shops and restos and consists out of 3 areas with somewhat different vibes. Those areas are the mainstreet area (pictured above), the beachside area, and the market area.

Enjoy the Vibrant Nightlife

Experience Boracay’s lively, positive and friendly nighttime atmosphere. Go bar hopping, clubbing or listen to live music and make new friends, either on you own or via Pub Crawl.

To find the venues that best match your style see Boracay’s 27 Best Bars, Clubs & Parties.

See Boracay from Above on Mount Luho

Mount Luho

Mount Luho is the highest point in Boracay where you have an unobstructed 360 degrees view of the whole island.

You can get there either via a tricycle ride or via the ATV driving activity. I recommend the former because the ATV driving route isn’t very exciting. A round trip tricycle ride costs ₱300 (~USD $6), and the entrance fee at the Mount Luho platform is ₱120 (~USD $2.50).

To find out more, and to view more pictures see Mount Luho, Boracay from Above by Christian Sangoyo.

Things To Do on a Budget

For these activities you don’t have to spend a single cent. Most people stay at or close to White Beach so that’s where these activities are, so no need to even spend money on transport.

Beach Bumming and Swimming at White Beach

Beach Bumming and Swimming at White Beach

Enjoy the core of what Boracay is about: laid back beach life in paradise. Kick back, relax, take a swim and take in the beauty of White Beach and its surroundings. There are many restaurants and bars in front of the beach to enjoy too.

Join a Beach Volleyball or Soccer Match

Beach Volleyball

Picture by Marix Cadigal

While beach bumming is very relaxing and rejuvenating, getting some exercise can be great fun too. Join the locals and other tourists in one of the several beach volleyball matches along White Beach or Puka Beach, or join a beach soccer match in Station 1.

The beach sports start in the afternoon as the island cools down.

Visit Willy’s Rock

Willy's Rock

Willy’s Rock is Boracay’s number 1 symbolic landmark and a popular spot to take pictures and watch the sunset. It’s located in the middle of Station 1.

The water up to a few hundred meters south of the rock becomes very shallow during low tide, resulting in a large area with a very thin film of water. It’s beautiful to walk through and will leave you in awe on a good day.

Gaze Into the Sunset

Sunset Couple

Sunset is the busiest time on White Beach, especially in Station 2. So if you want to experience a more quiet romantic sunset, I recommend you visit either the north of Station 1 or the south of Station 3. Both are relatively quiet areas.

Other good places to watch the sunset are Puka Beach, and while sailing on a paraw sailboat. Puka Beach is a good place to watch the sunset because while on White Beach sunset is the busiest time, on Puka Beach it’s the quietest time.

For a more detailed impression of the sunset see The Insanely Beautiful Sunsets of Boracay by Adventurous Miriam.

In Short

As you can see, there’s a large variety of things to do in Boracay, and there’s something for every budget and personality. Whether you want to relax on the beach, go on an adventure or party and socialize, you can find things to do that fit your mood and style.

Hope that helped you build out an awesome itinerary. Enjoy! 🙂