1. After spending days choosing which area and what place to book I stumble across your site. Thank you cause I finally decided for Boracay Beach Resort since its on your recommendations and its beachfront. Finally seeing Boracay next week.

    • Great, glad to hear that Qq 🙂 Thanks for leaving a comment of your experience, it’s always good to hear when I helped someone.

  2. Hi Paul, we will be having our 19th Scophil Convention @ Crown Regency. Can you recommend a budget hotel near the area? I will be bringing with me my family and it is my first time there. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Ronnie, have a look at Victory Divers, and Deparis Resort. They’re both good budget options in that area, and they’re beachfronts too.

  3. Hi Paul. Im looking for a resort in Station 1, quite yet not so far from restos and commercial buildings. will you recommend Bluelilly Hotel? it is also our first time here. we’ll be traveling this Oct.
    Thanks for the reply.

    • Hi Erlyn, Bluelilly is ok, not great. There’s a club nearby, so it’s not the most quiet place at night. Have a look at Sur Boracay also. It’s in the same price range and it’s located in the more quiet northern part of station 1.

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