Boracay’s 12 Best Station 3 Hotels, From Luxury to Budget

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Choosing a good hotel in Station 3 can be a challenge if you’ve never been to Boracay. That’s why I created this guide. To show you the best accredited resorts in this area, so that you can quickly and easily find the perfect place for your stay.

Note: I selected the following hotels based on location, overall quality and value for money. I’ve also made sure that each has an overwhelming amount of positive reviews – so that they’re not just resorts that I like, but also places that other people were happy to stay at.

About Station 3

Station Three is the most green and laid back part of White Beach. The nightlife is quiet, but there are some great relaxing beach bars and plenty of good restaurants.

About the 3 Areas Within Station 3

Understanding what the different areas are like is important, because the area in which you’ll stay will have a big impact on your experience in Boracay.

Station Three’s stretch of beach is 1.5 km long. Along it you’ll finds 3 different areas which each have their own distinct vibe. I’ll refer to those areas as the North, South and Far South…

The North is the area that I don’t recommend, because its vibe is similar to Station 2 without the benefit of being close to Boracay’s center. So forwards and onwards…

The South is the area that most people love, and that I wholeheartedly recommend. It’s relatively quiet, with a laid back, rustic vibe and lots of greenery and palm trees. Getting from here to D’Mall takes about 30 minutes by foot, or 15 minutes by tricycle.

The Far South is the most quiet and peaceful part of the beach. There is no designated beach path there, which is why most people never walk up to that point. When you do though you’re in for a treat. It’s the beach in its most pure form, with only few buildings around.

* The area in which the listed hotels reside is indicated in each of the listings below.

The Best Luxury Hotels

These 4 resorts are the best options to consider when you’re looking for a luxury experience. Starting rates for their rooms fall in between ~₱4420 (~USD $86) and ~₱17.222 (~USD $335).

Asya Premier Suites

Asya Premier Suites

Located at the far south end of White Beach, Asya Premier Suites is the most luxurious accommodation you’ll find in Station 3.

Very few people from other hotels walk to and along the beach there, making it peaceful and quiet. It’s almost like a private beach, plus it’s the best area along White Beach for snorkeling.

They also have a large well-maintained pool, and spacious rooms. Some rooms even have their own dipping pool, which doubles as a Jacuzzi.

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Villa Caemilla Beach Hotel

Villa Caemilla Beach Hotel

If you’re looking for a place where you can just relax and be well taken care of, Villa Caemilla is the place for you. Enjoy spa treatments at the in-house spa, while staff take care of all the little details, down to giving different options for your pillows.

Food at the hotel is also great, with a menu that also caters to vegetarians. Do get the mango pancakes when you’re dining there – they’re yummy 🙂

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Boracay Ocean Club

Boracay Ocean Club

For a quiet stay right on the beachfront, consider Boracay Ocean Club, located in the peaceful southern part of Station 3.

The resort’s Ocean View Suite comes with fantastic views of the sea, a swimming pool, and best of all, your own Jacuzzi on the balcony.

Spend your sunsets soaking in the Jacuzzi, or head down to the beach for a romantic dinner, where they set out dinner tables on a raised platform every night.

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Surfside Resort & Spa

Surfside Resort And Spa

Managed by a very friendly Japanese family, Surfside is strategically located in a quiet and peaceful area that’s still close to bars and restaurants, making it both a good place to relax, and a good base to explore from.

Right next to Surfside you’ll find the Japanese restaurant, Nagisa, which has yummy food, and a rustic and relaxing atmosphere. Don’t forget to also get a massage at Surfside’s in-house spa – it’s excellent, and guests of the hotel get a 50% discount!

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The Best Mid-range Hotels

These 4 hotels have an excellent balance between value for money and modern comforts. Starting rates for their rooms fall in between ~₱2720 (~USD $53) and ~₱4749 (~USD $92).

357 Boracay

357 Boracay

With only 11 rooms, 357 Boracay feels like an intimate home away from home. It’s only steps away from the beach, and not too far away from Station 2.

The rooms are simple, spotlessly clean and well-maintained. Book the executive double ocean view room for a room that opens up to a veranda overlooking the ocean.

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Hey Jude South Beach

Hey Jude South Beach

Surrounded by greenery in a peaceful area of Station 3 is Hey Jude Restort, a trendy, modern looking hotel just a few steps away from the beach. For great views of the ocean, get a deluxe room with a balcony facing the beachfront.

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Cocoloco has a rustic design, with bamboo pillars and nipa roofs, plus it’s surrounded by lots of lush tropical plants. Together they make for a great traditional experience.

You can relax and unwind at their atmospheric resto-bar, which offers both western and Filipino cuisine, as well as good happy hour promos.

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Dive Gurus Resort

Dive Gurus Resort

If scuba diving is one of your must-do’s in Boracay, Dive Gurus is a good resort to consider. It’s a hotel, dive shop, restaurant and bar all bundled in a convenient package.

It’s a homey and affordable place to stay, and they serve great breakfasts with a home-cooked vibe. As a guest, you’ll also enjoy 10% off your dives, with dive boats conveniently leaving just a short walk away.

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The Best Budget Hotels

These 4 places are easy on your wallet, while still providing good comfort and cleanliness. Starting rates for their rooms fall in between ~₱2181 (~USD $42) and ~₱3034 (~USD $58).

Anahaw Studio Suites

Anahaw Studio Suites

Less than 100m away from the beachfront is Anahaw Studio Suites, which provides self-contained accommodation at affordable rates.

The suites are newly renovated, so you’ll enjoy spacious rooms with modern and clean designs throughout. The kitchenettes inside give you the option of cooking if you’re staying for a longer period, otherwise, the place is located close to plenty of good restaurants as well.

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Greenyard Inn

Greenyard Inn

Greenyard Inn is located just 3 minutes from the beach, so it’s close to everything yet very quiet. It has a garden and walkway with lush greenery, which adds to the feeling of peace.

The rooms are spacious and clean, yet more affordable than most hotels in the area. You can choose between bigger rooms with balconies overlooking the garden on the first floor, or the smaller rooms downstairs that have small terraces.

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Blue Coral Resort

Blue Coral Resort

When it comes to budget accommodation that offers great value for money, Blue Coral Resort is one of the very best options available. It’s located just off the Station 3 beachfront.

There’s no need to pay more for a beachfront property with Blue Coral. The room entrances face a side street close to where the street meets the beach, so all you have to do is walk out of your room to get a picture-perfect view of the ocean 🙂

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Blue Ocean Boutique Hotel

Blue Ocean Boutique Hotel

Blue Ocean is a budget accommodation with 12 cozy rooms just 5 minutes away from the beach. It’s also steps away from the main road so getting a tricycle is easy, plus you’ll also find several convenience stores nearby.

If you want to tick ‘having a drink at sunset’ off your list, this is also a good place to do it as the place has a guests-only rooftop skybar.

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Conclusion & Summary

As you can see, Station 3 has the most amount of budget accommodations compared to the other stations, though it has a few great luxury options as well.

To summarize my recommendations: The best luxury pick goes to Villa Caemilla, the best mid-range pick to Cocoloco, and the best budget pick to Blue Coral Resort.

P.S. To see more good places to stay, check out my Station 1 and Station 2 guides.