1. Hi Paul, my sister and I have long wanted to go to Boracay to snorkel. Are the reefs and fish still healthy after some of the Cyclones of recent years? It looks fabulous!

    • Hi Kay, yes as far I have seen the health of the reefs has not been degraded by the Typhoons that hit during the last couple of years.

    • Hi Den, the best way is to just hop in a tricycle and then tell the driver to bring you there. All drivers know where it is. It’s about a 15-20 minute ride depending where you leave from and how much traffic there is.

  2. Hi Paul, my name is Shahn. I am going to Boracay from April 6/7 and stay here 3/4 days. which is the most beautiful station? station 1, station 2, or station 3. can you recommend a good budget hotel?

    • Hi Shan, each of the 3 stations have their own unique attractiveness. To figure out which station you’ll personally like best please read my White Beach guide. That guide describes each station in detail and compares them against each other.

      As for budget hotels, a few good options are Frendz Resort in Station 1 and Orchids Resort in Station 3.

      • Thanks Paul,
        I will come next month (3rd apr) boracay island, I will stay here 4 day, then gone to malaysia (Malaka)

  3. Hi Paul..thank you for sharing your experiences and reviews..awesome website!! helps me a lot =) Looking forward for my trip end of this month..

  4. Hi Paul! love your site. Very informative! What is the weather like in July? I was wondering if it is still worth visiting Boracay in July since I hear it’s when the rainy season begins in the Philippines. Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Karen, great! 🙂 In rainy season it usually rains about 1-2 hours per day and it’s mostly cloudy. Also the wind comes from the west during that time, onto White Beach.

      Overall the weather feels a lot more rugged and wild in rainy season. To me that has it’s own charm, and I personally like both dry and rainy season, but for you that may differ. Another thing that I like about rainy season is that there are a lot less tourists. The downside of that on the other hand is that the nightlife is a lot more quiet.

      Here is a good post about visiting in July. It includes pictures so you can get a good impression of what it is like: http://travel-lush.com/the-truth-about-traveling-to-boracay-low-season/

  5. Hi Paul! love your site. Very informative! What’s the weather like in January and February? I was wondering if it is still worth visiting Boracay during that time. Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Angel, glad you like it. The weather is great during that time. Sunny with a breeze, and almost no rainfall.

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