5 Detailed Boracay Maps To Help You Navigate The Island

Paul Fournier

To help you find your way around Boracay Island I’ve created 5 detailed maps – each covering a different topic.

The map above shows the locations of Station 1, 2, 3 and the other regions in Boracay. The maps below show the beaches, nightlife venues, restaurants and hotels that you can find in those different regions.

Note : Due to changes in Boracay, some details on the maps are out-of-date. Updates are underway. That said, the maps should still be helpful and informative in their current form.

Beaches Map

Did you know that Boracay has 17 beaches? Below you can see a picture of each beach and all of their locations. You can also read about them in more detail in my White Beach Guide and in my Guide to Boracay’s 17 Beaches.

Tip: click a location marker to see the place’s name, picture and description.

Nightlife Map

There are many nightlife venues to choose from in Boracay. But when you’re not familiar on the island it’s easy to miss out on places that you might really like. That’s why I created the map below. So that you can more easily locate the nightlife venues that you’ll enjoy.

Clubs are marked in orange, bars in yellow, lounges in green and parties in red…

To read about the nightlife in more detail please see the Ultimate Guide To Boracay’s Nightlife.

Budget Restaurants Map

When I eat in Boracay I usually go to budget restaurants. I’ve discovered lots of good ones by plain trail and error. On the map below I share the 15 best budget restaurants that I now frequent and recommend.

For more detailed info about these restaurants you can see my guide to Boracay’s 15 Best Budget Restaurants.

D’Mall Map

D’Mall is Boracay’s main open-air mall, and it’s a beautiful place to walk around in. It’s located in the center of Boracay, in between the main road and White Beach, and it has almost all of the things you need. In the map below I’ve marked D’Mall’s main points of interest.

To learn about Boracay’s malls in more detail see my D’Mall, D’Talipapa and CityMall guide.

Hotels Map

There are 300+ hotels in Boracay and I haven’t made my own map for them yet. So I searched high and low for the best map that’s available online. The best I found is this one by Agoda…

To learn more about the best hotels to stay in see my guide to Boracay’s 36 Best Hotels.