The Lind Boracay Review

The Lind is a luxurious beachfront hotel that’s located in the northern part of Station 1, Boracay. In this review I’ll cover the place in detail…

Among other topics, I’ll discuss its main charms, its location details, its highlight worthy amenities, the best rooms, how to contact them, plus I’ll also cover both its pros and cons.

Once read you should have a very good idea of what to expect, and if it’s the right place to stay for you.

About The Lind & Its Location

You’ll find The Lind at Station 1 of White Beach, a little north near Willy’s Rock. Locals know that prices rise the closer you get to the end of Station 1, and The Lind is pretty high up in there. The reason for this is the superior ocean views and finer sand on the northern side of the beach.

The Lind is right next to many great restaurants like Fridays (seafood and bar with a tropical flair); and Kasbah (Moroccan-Mediterranean, great vegan and Halal dishes).

Willy’s Rock, a minuscule island that rests on the shallow beach of Station 1 is also nearby. At the top of it is a statue of Mary and a platform, where you have a bird’s-eye view of the White Beach.

The Lind has taken full advantage of their prime beachfront spot by giving each room a view. Some are overlooking the ocean, some the garden and some both. Another way they highlighted their beautiful spot is with an infinity pool facing the waters, it’s a modern touch that you wont find in mid-range resorts. In fact, the whole resort designed modernly with luxurious touches.

One thing to note is the lack of budget restaurants and stores in the area, since this is the fancier side of Boracay. So be ready to pay a pretty penny for sodas and other small items on your day at the beach. You can always visit the main road or D’mall for more affordable grocery stores and restaurants, though.

See The Lind in Detail & Check its Best Price on Agoda

  • Huge room capacities great for families and groups
  • Close to the center and easy access to the main road
  • Good room amenities such as kitchenettes
  • Slow Wi-Fi and a busy breakfast area

Highlight-Worthy Amenities

The Lind has a spa inside their resort, so once you arrive, you can unwind from your flight with a spa treatment right away. Very convenient if you’re getting a massage, since you can go straight to your room in a fluffy robe if you want to.

If your idea of self-care is hitting the gym instead then don’t worry, The Lind has a fitness center inside, too. You can burn the calories you had from the delicious restaurant inside the resort.

Now let’s talk about the main event, the rooms. They are spacious, furnished with taste and the decor has this subtle patters of the sea. They’re understated but decadent. Each has a big balcony with seating that overlooks either the White Beach and sunset or the garden and pool.

You also have all the modern comforts like a flat screen TV, satellite cable and WiFi, among other things, in case you want to take it slow spend the day in.

How does a private pool sound? Some rooms at the Lind have their very own dipping pool. Ideal for private pool parties, skinny dipping… or maybe just meditation. Either way, it will be your private oasis.

The biggest highlight for me, though has to be is the infinity pool outside, because of its good size and closeness to the beach, not to mention it looks great… It even has a dedicated area for children and a jacuzzi.

You can go back and forth between swimming on the ocean and having a relaxing dip in the pool… or just sunbathe at the poolside daybeds, with a fruit shake away from the busy crowd. Ah, what could be better in the scorching heat of Boracay?

My Top 3 Room Recommendations

Choosing a room at The Lind’s can be a challenge since they all look amazing online. I understand, there’s a lot of money on the line and it’s kinda hard to pick especially if you can’t check it out in person, right? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you narrow down the perfect room for your holiday. .

Note: All the rooms below are good for two adults, but two children under 12 can stay for free.

Your safest bet is the Garden Room, especially if you know your stay in Boracay will be an activity-filled one and you won’t be spending a ton of time in the room. You’re getting the luxurious ambiance, the balcony over-looking the garden, all the things expensive touches you can expect from a five-star hotel without paying for any premium features that you’re not really gonna use. It just makes sense.

The price difference of the Garden Room to the other rooms is significant enough that it’s really worth considering, you can put the extra dollars you’ll be saving on a fancy dinner and trust me, you won’t feel the difference in price once you’re in there. It’s still a fancy room.

Tip: if you’re travelling with children, you can opt for 2 Twin beds instead of the King with no additional charges

On the other hand, if you plan on spending more time enjoying the resort and taking it easy during your holiday, let me recommend you the the Sea Premier. It is absolutely perfect for unwinding and lounging because of the way it’s set up, I think you’ll find the room very large. And only does it overlook the ocean, because the Lind is on the White Beach you will be facing the sunset everyday.

Call room service for some tropical drinks (or cocktails to start the happy hour early!) and you have yourself the perfect no-plans vacation. Between you and me, the Sea Premier is great value for your money, since it makes your resort room the highlight of your stay, you won’t really need to supplement with other activities if you don’t want to.

Now, for those of you who’ve been to The Lind’s website, we all know this one is coming up: Sea with Pool room. Imagine, your very own dipping pool looking out into the best waters of the country. There’s a veranda with daybeds for sunbathing or massages… I think this room is so ideal for couples whether you’re on your honeymoon or just want a romantic weekend.

This room is also going to be ideal for anyone who loves to party, I mean, that gorgeous room with an open veranda and private pool is just begging for a pool party. You will have Instagram pictures to die for.

Now I wouldn’t recommend the Garden Pool room, solely because it’s too close to the main pools and personally I think personal pools demand a lot of privacy.

What Guests Say & My Take

The Lind is rated 9 in Agoda, that’s considered exceptional and I agree with all the praises, the most recent guests seems to be all very happy. All good.

In they are rated 9.2, again great score. I think the only consistent thing resembling a complaint is the check-in and check-out time. Some guests find the process longer than usual, but even that is not severe enough to be an issue, in my opinion.

Guests from TripAdvisor gave The Lind a 4.5 out of 5. I’m seeing some people mention the restaurants. I don’t see too much negativity but many wish the menus would be expanded.

Now seeing all these and being a local, let me tell you some things… First, this is a great resort with unbeatable location. If you want to stay in Station 1 (and you should) I think this place is a solid find.

Some guests compare The Lind to Shangri-La, and that’s unfair. On paper they sound the same, both are five-star resorts and located on the same side of the island but take it from me, these two have very different functions.

Shangri-La is inaccessible to the public and very exclusive. You need a special boat or shuttle to go there, so it’s ideal for those that love serenity and private luxury. On the other hand, the Lind is at the expensive side of the White Beach. There you have access to the best things Boracay has to offer when it comes to restaurants and activities.

Both are great on what they do, but some guests are critical against the Lind when they compare it to Shang. I think what they’re also forgetting is the enormous price difference of the rooms, especially on the bigger suites. If you factor all that in, you’ll see that The Lind actually holds it’s own.

Conclusion & Summary

The Lind is a beautiful luxury resort, located at the most desirable area in Boracay.

Here’s a quick summary of the 3 most important points made in this review:

  • There’s a balcony with a view in every room
  • It’s located at the Northern side of Station 1
  • It’s a five-star resort is competitively priced

Hope this review helps you have the perfect stay in Boracay. Have a good trip! 🙂

The Lind Contact Info

Contact number: +63 36 288 1059
Facebook page:
Address: Station 1, Barangay Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, 5608, Philippines

P.S. If you’re not yet sure if The Lind is the right place for you, 3 good alternative hotels to have a look at with similar price-points and locations are are Two Seasons, Discovery Shores, and Shangri-la.