1. hi paul, iwas wondering if you can help me, i am trying to organize a family holiday, three generations, four adults one 13 and one 11. everyone surfs, except me. trying to make everyone happy and finding it really hard to find somewhere that fits the bill, considering the phillipines, question is does it have any decent surf there, that is main priority.we all like to swim , kayak and snorkel as well, but i need other things to do out of the water.any advice you give will be appreciated. we are from australia. thanks.

    • Hi Marg, yes there is decent surf. You can do wind and kitesurfing in Boracay from December till April. That is the windy season.

      One of the things I love about Boracay is that there is plenty of other things to do as well (I’m a windsurfer). So regarding that question of yours… Don’t worry, you won’t be bored 😀

  2. Hi Paul,

    By excident i enterde your website (i am a thrive themes member) and it lookalike very good. I’ve been a few time to Boracay myself and the way you describe it, iTS Just the way it is.
    My compliments for your work.


  3. Hi Paul,

    I m visiting Boracay next month and your ultimate guide is good and a big help for me to enjoy my short stay in the island

    Thank you so much for sharing and I enjoyed reading every details.

    More Power!


  4. Hi Paul, your website is really helpful to me. I will be visiting Borocay this coming April from 1-6, I will be staying at Zamboanga Luxury Suite. I am visiting Borocay for the first time with my spouse and 2 teenage kids. I am trying to arrange for some sea and land activities (island hopping, fly boat, helmet diving, snorkelling, zipline, ATV etc) for my family, any trustworthy agents that you can recommend? Most pre booking website is charging exorbitant price. I know we can haggle with the operators but hopefully you can give us a guideline or some pointers. Cheers…

    • Hi Emmanuel, to get fair prices for activities head over to Astoria Hotel in the south part of Station 1 (it’s still relatively close to D’mall). Then from there, facing the beach, walk a bit to your right… You’ll find booths that sell activities there.

      The prices at those booths are fair since you’re buying directly at the source, without a middle man. Hope that helps.

      • Hi Paul, thanks for the prompt reply. Appreciate your valued information. Have a great and blessed day! Shalom…

  5. Hi Paul!

    I have been to boracay 5 times already and to be honest I haven’t visited the different places that much, This month we will be there for Laboracay2016 and so excited to try and visit your suggestions as well as the restaurants and bar. Awesome page you got here! Kudos 🙂

  6. hi paul
    how do i get to tambisaan beach? would love to snorkel there! going in two weeks! will there be snorkeling gear i can rent or do i have to bring mine? wondering too how much it would cost. thanks so much! great job! oh and is it easy to get tricycle rides to and from puka beach? best time to go..early morning? thanks again!

    • Hi Nina, since it’s Habagat season now (wind coming from the west) I recommend against visiting Tambisaan. The reason is because during that time, the boats that bring people to Boracay land to the right of Tambisaan. This makes that area a bit busy and not as peaceful as it usually is.

      Most people just move through though and don’t visit Tambisaan, so the beach itself is still relatively quiet, and you can still snorkel there. So if you don’t mind having to pass through a bit of a crowd before you enter the beach you can still have a good time there. It’s best to bring your own snorkeling gear.

      The easiest way to get to Tambisaan is by tricycle. It’s about a 15-20 minute ride depending where you leave from and how much traffic there is. Puka is 20 minutes and rides are easy to find.

      The best time to visit Tambisaan is when it’s sunny and when there’s little wind, both give better visibility. As for Puka, I recommend going in the early morning (to have the place more to yourself) or the late afternoon.

  7. Hi Paul!!!
    are there any activities in puka beach? Im planning to go boracay in sept. what should I be expecting in puka and white beach by sept?

    • Hey Kath, Puka is mostly for enjoying the beach and swimming but there’s also a volleyball net at the far left side which is free to use for anyone. It’s a good place to watch the sunset also.

      In September you should expect rain a few hours per day, and relatively few people so you’ll have the beaches more to yourself.

  8. hi Paul! This is a nice guide to the beaches in Boracay. great job. 🙂
    by the way, do you happen to know if these beaches are accessible via bike? me and my boyfriend plan to explore them and go there by bike.
    we’re planning to go there this November. 🙂

    • Hi Jem, yes they’re all accessible by bike. The only thing is, the main road is busy with tricycles and not very bike friendly at the part where it runs parallel to White Beach. But that also depends on the time of day.

      I recommend to make it an early morning activity if you’re up for that. That way the traffic will still be light and the sun not too hot. Something else to note is that before reaching Ilig Iligan there’s a very steep climb, so you need good gears for that.

      • Hey Paul, great website/guide!!! One thing, do they have signs/directions on the road??

      • Hi fabio, thanks, and to answer your question: unfortunately no. Traffic signs are pretty much nonexistent on Boracay.

  9. Hi Paul! I’m planning to go to Boracay w/my husband by mid of February 2017…I just wonder if that season has a lot of seaweed?

    • Hi Rosa, the algae season usually starts in late February. Last year it started early, so if that happens again in 2017, there’s a chance you’ll encounter some on your trip. It won’t be much though, since it would be only the very beginning of the season.

      • Thank you Paul! 🙂 u’re very helpful…I will book my ticket to Boracay now 🙂

  10. HI Paul!

    Me and my friends are thinkin’ of spending a week or 10 days in Boracay during first or 2nd week of March. How will the weather be like around that time? And also the beaches? Will it be full with algae or white sand and blue water :)? I really want them to show how beautiful the beaches but im just afraid that it would be full of algaes.

    Also nightlife and crowd around early march, we are teenagers so we enjoy a crowded nightlife 😀

  11. hi, I’m going to Boracay today yeeaaah!!! am looking thru your site and wishing I’d looked at it more thoroughly way a relaxed speed…I just wanted to say what a fantastic site it appears to be, were staying at Alta vista last time we only went for a cpl nights and stayed at la isla bonita on stn 3.
    well done for providing such incredible information you’ve really armed us with excellent info to support our trip,what beaches to goto etc.
    very grateful to you.
    regards tom thompson,UK

  12. Hi, I’m going to Boracay early next month and was wondering if White Beach or Bulabog Beach be a better choice? Which part will have better beach and sea at this time of the year? And is Bulabog nearer to Station 2 Vs From Station 1 or 3, since I read that Bulabog is 5 minutes walk to Station 2? Is that right? Thnks for your advise….

    • Hi Elizabeth, Bulabog is mainly for kite and windsurfing. It isn’t a very safe to swim there because of the watersport action on the water, and because of the sea urchins on the bottom. It’s closest to Station 2 and about a 5 minutes walk.

      Unless you’re going to Boracay for surfing I recommend staying at White Beach instead.

  13. Hello Paul,
    We are planning to visit Boracay end of May through June 4th. Will you recommend any hotels with less green algae? We are mostly like to swim and snorkel and we just didn’t want to stay at the resort seeing those green algae but we have no issues with seaweed. We originally wanted to stay in station 1 but read there are more algae there than station 3?
    By the way, great articles on listing those beaches.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Lani, have a look at Fairways and Bluewater Resort. It’s in front of Lapuz Lapuz Beach where there are no algae year round, It’s not too far from White Beach also, so it’s relatively easy to get around from.

      Regarding the algae: it changes all the time so it’s impossible to say where the least amount of algae will be several months into the future.

    • Hi Paul,
      Thank you for your response. I was going to book there but we also wanted to be close to the White beach Would Lind or somewhere be okay? There’s another hotel near Puka Beach but I’m not sure how far would that be. It just a little difficult to go out from Fairways if we do want to get out for lunch or dinner. We are still undecided but I will keep digging about the resort further more.
      Thank you for all the information and I appreciate your time.

    • No prob. you’re welcome. The Lind is ok, it’s in a nice area of Station 1. Their beachfront area isn’t very spacious though, it’s a bit narrow. On the other hand, their rooftop infinity pool is great.

      Have a look at my Station 1 hotel guide also. I describe several other good options there too.

      And in case this helps you decide: I personally prefer to stay on White Beach over any of the other ones, just because it’s so easy to get around from there. The algae aren’t that bad really, and you can always hop in a tricycle if you want to visit one of the other algae free beaches.

  14. Hi Paul,

    My fiance and I want to visit Boracay for our honeymoon in October. We would like to have a mixture of romance, and culture. Do you think it would make sense to visit Boracay at this time especially since the monsoons might be heavy at this period? Where would you recommend we visit?

    • Hi Denise, visiting Boracay in October is a gamble when it comes to the monsoon. The main gamble is if it’ll be sunny or cloudy. That’s hard to predict in Oktober. It usually only rains a few hours every day.

      I personally enjoy Boracay any time of year, but if a sun guarantee is important to you then October may not be your best bet. I do enjoy that it’s a relatively quiet period.

  15. Hi Paul! I’m planning to visit Boracay this Oct 2017 with my fiancé and some family members. My last visit to Boracay was of 2014 and this year would be my 5th time but It’s been a long time and I know there’s been a lot of changes. Your site helped me in knowing Boracay again. As what I read on the previous comments it’ll be a bit rainy during October but it’s the only available time for my fiancé. Wish us luck with the weather. Thank you.

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