The 9 Beautiful Beaches of Boracay

Boracay is well known for its White Beach, but there are quite a few other beaches that are worth visiting as well. On this page I will discuss the known as well as the lesser known beaches that are still well worth visiting, so that you can enjoy all of the worthwhile beaches that Boracay has to offer…

Famous White Beach

White Beach Palm Trree View

White Beach is by far the biggest and most popular beach in Boracay. The main attraction of this beach is of course its beauty but also that you have everything you need there: resorts, restaurants, nightlife, activities, it’s all available right in front of the beach.

The downside that comes with that is that it can become crowded sometimes (usually only around sunset time though).

The beach is 4 kilometers long and is divided in to 3 sections, named Station 1, 2 and 3. Each station has its own things going for it, and the best place to stay depends largely on your personal preferences…

For a more detailed tour of White Beach you can check out my guide: What Boracay’s White Beach is Like & Where To Stay.

Beautiful Puka Beach

Puka Beach

Puka Beach is the second most popular beach on Boracay. It’s a 20 minute tricycle ride away from the center of Boracay and because of that it’s also a more quiet place, but very beautiful. Especially when you go there in the early morning you can sometimes have the place all to yourself, which can be pretty special experience.

There are huts on the beach that you can relax in, they are built on the big cliff that stretches along the back of the beach. Usually people just chill out on the sand though. At dusk the giant bats come out, you can see them flying across the tops of the cliffs.

Kitesurfing at Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach is the kite and windsurfing beach of Boracay. During the windy season (November to April) you can see the wind and kitesurfers blasting and jumping across the water. If you are interested in learning one of these sports then there are plenty of beginner-friendly schools along the beach to choose from.

Diniwid Beach for Sunset Relaxation

Diniwid Beach and Spider House

Diniwid Beach is a small but nice beach. It’s only a short walk from the Station 1 area of White Beach. The main reason I like to go there is not so much for the beach itself, but because there is a very nice loungey bar/restaurant there named Spider House. It’s a perfect place to enjoy the sunset.

Apart from just relaxing in the place itself, you can also jump straight into the water for a swim, or do some tanning on a floating wooden deck that they’ve put in the water there.

Adventurous Ilig Iligan Beach

Ilig Iligan Beach

Ilig Iligan Beach is nice if you’re up for some adventure! The beach itself is ok, but what I like most of the place is that it’s a gateway to two secret beaches that barely any tourist knows about. You just have to swim there.

 Secret Beach next to Ilig IliganWhen you’re all the way to the right of the Ilig Iligan Beach just swim along the cliff and you will discover the first private beach. It’s about a 5 minute swim and the water is deep, so it’s not for everyone. But if you like an adventure and you can swim well then it’s a great experience.

After you reach the first beach there is a second beach as well. You don’t have to swim for that one, you can usually just walk there by walking over some rocks in the water.

Snorkeling at Tambisaan Beach

Tambisaan Beach Bay

Tambisaan Beach is great for snorkeling. Of all the beaches in Boracay, Tambisaan has by far the most marine life. Just walk across the beach and when you’re around one third along the beach walk into the water, that’s were all the marine life is.

Balinghai Beach for Secluded Dining

Balanghai Beach

Balinghai Beach is a small private beach that is only accessible during low tide. During high tide the beach is under water. Usually you will be the only visitor on the beach there.

One of the nice things there is that you can have dinner on the beach, right next to the water.

Because it’s a private beach (it belongs to the Balanghai Beach Resort) there is an entrance fee. The entrance fee is 500 PHP per person. For children of 8 years old and younger it’s free. The entrance fee you pay is consumable as credit for the restaurant.

Honorable Mentions

The beaches discussed above are all publicly accessible and great places to spend some time at. The rest of the beaches on Boracay are either completely private or not worth visiting. About the private beaches…

There are 2 private beaches on Boracay that are not accessible if you are not a guest at the resort that those beaches are owned by. These are:

Lapuz Lapuz Beach

Lapuz Lapuz Beach FairwaysLapuz Lapuz Beach is a private beach owned by the Fairways & Bluewater Newcoast Resort. As you can see on the picture the beach looks great, but unfortunately only in-house guests are allowed to visit it. As an outsider you can’t visit the beach by paying an entrance fee like you can at Balanghai Beach.

Banyugan & Punta Bunga Beach

Banyugan Beach Shangri-LaBanyugan and Punta Bunga Beach are two beaches next to eachother owned by the Shangri-La Resort. This beach is only accessible by in-house guests as well. I stopped to rest on this beach during a kayak trip one day and we were kicked off the beach by a security guard within 30 seconds.

Beach Locations Map

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In the map menu (top left icon) you can find a list of all the beaches on the map. Clicking one will show its picture, description and location.

For more maps visit my dedicated Boracay maps page which includes this map and many more on other subjects.


Most people that visit Boracay only visit White Beach and Puka Beach. The 2 most well known Beaches of Boracay. But as you can see, Boracay actually has quite a few more beaches that are worth a visit.

Having armed you with the knowledge of the different beaches and what you can do there I hope to have helped you to make the most of your stay on Boracay’s beaches! Have a good trip! 🙂


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