Boracay’s Compliant DOT Accredited Hotels, The 2021 List

As part of the rehabilitation effort in Boracay, hotels have been forced to comply with stricter environmental regulations by the Philippine Department Of Tourism (DOT). At this moment, only 276 out of the 400+ are compliant, so it’s important to check if your desired resort is accredited by the DOT before booking.

On this page I maintain an up-to-date list of all DOT accredited accommodation on the island. They are safe to book since they’re compliant with the new environmental regulations.

If a resort you’re interested in is not on this list, I recommend you don’t book it, since you’ll then you run the risk of not being allowed entry into Boracay.

Agoda lists by far the most accommodations in Boracay, which is why I recommend booking there. Have a look at all Boracay hotels listed on Agoda here, but be sure to cross reference the list below before you book to be sure it’s on the accredited resorts list.

The latest list released by the Department of Tourism on June 30, 2021:

List, page 1

The Best Accredited Hotels in Each Station

To help you choose a good compliant resort, I list some of the best below. They’re categorized by price-range and location, so you can pick one that fits your preferences. You can also have a look at my full  Station 1, Station 2, and Station 3 hotel guides for more detailed information.

My top 3 recommended & compliant hotels in Station 1 are:
Budget: Hannah Hotel
Mid-range: Jony’s Beach Resort
Luxury: Two Seasons
My top 3 recommended & compliant hotels in Station 2 are:
Budget: Deparis Beach Resort
Mid-range: El Centro  (my top pick)
Luxury: Coast Boracay
My top 3 recommended & compliant hotels in Station 3 are:
Budget: Greenyard Inn
Mid-range: Surfside Resort & Spa
Luxury: Villa Caemilla

* These are highly rated places that are in popular demand, so it’s best to book them well in advance if/when rooms are still available.

List, page 2

Need Help with Choosing Where to Stay?

Then see my guide: where to stay on Boracay’s White Beach, or have a look at my guide to Boracay’s 36 best hotels. Both include clear outlines of the pros and cons of the different stations, but in a different form factor.

List, page 3

List, page 4

List, page 5

List, page 6

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List, page 8

List, page 9

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I book an Airbnb instead of a hotel?If it’s accredited, yes. But most Airbnb’s are not on the compliant accommodations list. There are exceptions though, and some resorts list some of their rooms on Airbnb as well.

2. Do I need to book ahead of time in order to enter the island?It’s best to book ahead at a DOT accredited accommodation establishment and secure a booking confirmation slip to avoid inconvenience upon arrival at Caticlan Jetty Port.

3. Can I book once I arrive at Caticlan Jetty Port?DOT personnel will assist you in booking your accommodation but they cannot assure you as to the availability of rooms at your chosen accommodation establishment.

4. If I want to go on a day trip only, how can I enter the island?You need to present/leave your ID at the one day transaction lane, and pick it up again when you leave the island.

5. If I have relatives who are Boracay residents, how can I enter the island?Your relative needs to fill out a form at Caticlan Jetty Port signifying that you are their kin.

In Short

This page should have armed you with the knowledge to choose a good dot accredited resort and have an amazing stay in the new and improved Boracay. Hope it helps you! 🙂 And please help keep Boracay clean, don’t litter – so we can all enjoy the island for years to come.

Of course, having a great stay in Boracay doesn’t stop at choosing a hotel, so when it suits you, head on over to the BoracayCompass homepage where I link to all my other articles – from the best beaches to the nightlife to yummy restaurants, it’s all covered in detail there.

List Source

The list on this page is sourced directly from the Philippine Department of Tourism. You can check their Facebook page or their twitter account to verify it being the latest release.

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