1. Hi Paul. Your guide is fantastic! I am tossing up between fairways and Blue water (hubby does play golf), Lind, or The district. We are keen on big pools, big rooms, bars by pool or beach, and being near enough to some action without being in thick if it. It’s a holiday without our kids so need not he family friendly. I noticed a lot of pools look quite small and shady in the hotels on white beach! Also, since new compliance rules, do hotels no longer have lounge chairs on beach? I am guessing pictures on booming sites may not reflect some of these changes but if I’m Beach Front I want access to lounge chairs! Thanks so much for your guidance!

    • Hi Bianca, thanks. Unless you’re keen on walking a good distance I’d recommend The District from the options you mention. Because both Fairways and The Lind are a fair walking distance away from where the action is.

      It’s true most pools are narrow and sit in between the high walls of the hotels making them shady. Red Coconut is a hotel that has a more open pool area, as you can see in its picture on this page. It also sits at the absolute center of Boracay though, so the area can be a bit busy, but everything is close.

      Two other good options to consider with pool are Coast and Le Soleil.

      About hotels no longer having lounge chairs on beach: yeah that’s the case. Although I hear that some hotels still have them, but on their own land/property. Probably that’s the bigger luxury hotels in Station 1 that have lots of space and thus room to put chairs out on land that’s their own and not the public beach.

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