How To Get To Boracay From Manila, Caticlan and Kalibo Airport

Getting to Boracay from the airport can either be smooth sailing or a confusing experience. It completely depends on how well informed and prepared you are…

That’s why in this guide I’ll show you how to transfer to and from the different airports to Boracay, so that your travel experience is likely to go smooth.

Important: Since Boracay’s recent reopening new rules and regulations have been put into place. Please make sure you’re aware of the latest travel requirements before you go.

About Manila Airport

Most international travelers will pass through Manila when traveling to Boracay. Manila Airport can be very confusing though, due to its 4 scattered terminals, and taxi scams…

So if you’re traveling to Boracay via Manila please also read my guide to Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport. In that guide I give you detailed instructions on how to transfer from your Manila flight to your Boracay flight and more.

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Flying From Manila to Boracay

A quick overview video of the places you’ll pass through on your way to Boracay

From Manila you can choose to travel to Boracay via either Kalibo Airport or Caticlan which is otherwise known as Boracay Airport.

Caticlan is 30 minutes from Boracay so it’s the most convenient option. Flights to Kalibo are usually a bit cheaper, but from Kalibo it takes about 2 hours to reach Boracay.

So if you prefer convenience, go with Caticlan. If you’re on a tight budget on the other hand, then Kalibo may be the better option.

When you’re traveling to Boracay via a long international flight I definitely recommend you choose Caticlan Airport though, because adding 1.5 hours to an already long journey isn’t a very pleasant experience.

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Caticlan Airport To Boracay

Adam John shows you how to get from Caticlan Airport to Boracay

Getting to Boracay from Caticlan Airport is relatively quick and painless. Your travel time will consist out of a 10 minute tricycle ride and a 15 minute boat ride.

Here’s a quick overview of the costs involved:

Airport to jetty port tricycle: ₱50/~$1
Jetty port terminal fee: ₱100/~$2
Jetty port environmental fee: ₱75/~$1.5
Boat ticket to Boracay: ₱25/~$0.5

* The terminal and environmental fees are free for children of 5 years and younger and 12 years and younger respectively.

If you’re traveling to Boracay in the late evening or the early morning, I recommend you book airport transfer via Klook to make sure you’ll have a quick and worry free travel experience.

Kalibo Airport To Boracay

Transfer Vans at Kalibo International Airport

Transfer vans at Kalibo International Airport

Getting to Boracay from Kalibo Airport takes about 2 hours. You can transfer via a van, a bus, a taxi or a helicopter. Most people transfer via a van, but space in them is restricted, so it isn’t a very comfortable ride. I recommend you transfer via this more spacious bus instead.

If you have a bigger budget, I can also recommend transferring via a taxi. Or if you have a living it large budget and are in for a great experience, you can also transfer via a helicopter. This only takes 30 minutes, and you’ll experience some amazing views along the way.

Here’s a quick overview of the cost and benefits for each transfer option:

Van transfer: ₱250/~$5 (boat ticket included)
Taxi transfer: ₱1000/~$20 (a bit faster, more comfortable)
Helicopter transfer: ₱57,000/~$1085 (superfast, amazing experience)

* For the van and taxi transfer options, you’ll also have to add on the costs at the jetty port.

Boracay To Your Hotel

A Boracay tricycle ride impression by Ronaldo Rueda

Getting from the Jetty Port in Boracay to your hotel will take about 30 minutes on average. How long it’ll take exactly depends on the location of your hotel and the amount of traffic.

Once you arrive in Boracay you’ll see a line of tricycles to your right. You can choose to either take a private ride, or a join in ride if you’re on a budget…

Unless you’re on a super-tight budget I definitely recommend the private ride though, because join in rides are usually not very comfortable due to limited space, plus they only travel along the main road, so if your hotel is not along the main road you’ll have to walk that distance.

The costs for these rides are:

Private tricycle hotel transfer: ₱100/~$2 (for as many people that will fit)
Join in tricycle ride: ₱20/~$0.40 (per person)

In Short

As you can see there are a multitude of options available when it comes to getting to Boracay, allowing you to choose the options that best fit your budget and comfort level.

If you prioritize comfort then fly directly to Boracay Airport, and book your airport transfer in advance for a seamless experience. When you’re on a budget on the other hand, flying to Kalibo Airport can save you some money.

If you like to live large on the other hand, just transfer to Boracay using a helicopter 🙂

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