1. Hi Paul, I want to commend you for this very informative site. I’ve never been to Boracay and this 1st week of April, me and my hubby are planning to. I like the description of S3. I think this is what we need.

    I would like to ask though some additional info that Im concerned of. Im just about 5 ft tall, not really a good swimmer but I can swim. The sudden deep in S3 worries me though if I can still swim.

    We are also looking at some hotels at Agoda, and we cant decide between Greenyard Inn, Dive Gurus and Casa Pillar. If you could give some suggestions, we are very thankful. (i hope I am not asking too much. Thanks again.

    • Hi Rome, you’re welcome 🙂

      About the water in Station 3, you can still easily stand there. Just less far out than in the other stations. It’s only relatively deeper.

      In Station 1 and 2 the water is very shallow so you can walk very far into the water. I enjoy this, because when I’m not swimming I can more easily rest and enjoy the view while staying in the water.

      About the hotels you mentioned: I would recommend both Greenyard Inn and Dive Gurus as a good choice. Casa Pillar is ok too, but its location isn’t as good. It’s in the less peaceful middle part of Station 3. If staying in station 3 I really recommend staying in the south part.

  2. Hello Paul! I am going to Boracay in May, I am going with a group of friends on our 30s, we were considering these hotels:
    Hennan Garden
    Villa Caemilla Beach
    Coast Boracay
    The lind boracay
    discovery shores boracay
    red coconut

    any suggestions between those?
    thank you!

    • Hi Ana, they’re all good options, though I’d personally exclude Hennan (more for families) and The Lind (narrow beachfront) from the list.

      • Thank you paul! We were thinking that the lind was one of the best options, so i think we wont be staying there. What about mays climate? No rains right?

      • Yeah no rains, May is dry and the hottest time of the year. It’s best to you bring your thinnest clothing because the difference between a thick and a thin shirt is clearly felt here, especially in hot season.

  3. Hi Paul, we decided to book our hotel with Friday’s. What do you think about that hotel?

    • Hi JC, I feel Fridays is the best choice when you want to experience rustic luxury on White Beach. That said, it’s one of the first hotels that was built in Boracay and they haven’t done a great job at keeping things up to date. Their food used to be top notch, but it’s not what it used to be anymore too.

      So I only really recommend it if you’re going for its rustic vibe and spacious beachfront. When considering overall quality, there are better places.

      • Thank you Paul. Yeah.. we want to experience the best beach front in Boracay that’s why we decided to book in that hotel. Away from the crowd but close enough to go shops and restaurants. As per food, we are planning to try restaurants in Station 2. Do you have recommendations when it comes to restaurants that serve seafood and grilled foods and sisig! 🙂

      • Great, sounds like you made a good choice then.

        When it comes to seafood, I definitely recommend you visit the seafood market D’Talipapa. You can buy your seafood there and then bring it to one of the many nearby restos which will then cook it for you. it’s a pretty cool and unique experience.

  4. this guide helps a lot, we were going to boracay this coming weekend, my worry is our hotel was in actopia, kinda far from the white beach, any recommendation like for food and it is safe to walk during night from white beach to our hotel?

    thank you

    • Hi Afraim, Actopia is a 20 minute tricycle ride away from White Beach and there’s no walking path. So it’s not safe to walk and it’s far, even with a tricycle. If I’d be in your shoes I’d book something closer to White Beach.

      • Thank you but unfortunately we already booked that resort and we cant find a cheaper place like that. It was only 4000 good for 2 nights we consist of 5 adults and 2 kids

      • Oh ok, well that sounds like a very good deal for so many people. Keep in mind though that you’ll have to spend 200 peso for each back and forth tricycle ride. For future reference and for other readers, if you’re looking for a similarly priced hotel that’s just a few minutes walk from the center of Boracay I recommend Boarding House Boracay.

  5. Hi Paul.
    Your site is very useful and informative.
    I am torn between Boracay or Palawan.
    I am travelling with two kids between the age of 2-4 and your write-up about Boracay helped me to choose.
    Thank you so much.

  6. Hello Paul…are u married hehehe…just kidding 🙂 My friend & I are planning to go there this April, I’m hoping you can give me the cheapest place to stay probably near the beach, you mention the Boracay boarding house..Please elaborate more..Thx Paul.

    • Hi Mau, you can find them on Facebook. To get the cheapest price It’s best to contact them through there.

  7. Hello Paul!
    We are planning to go to borakay in 2018, as we are starting to plan and choose where to stay, we kind of stuck. We are all family of 4 couples. We wanted to relax so we want peace and quiet, but we want good food great comfortable accommodation, good service and great experience.

    We were considering shangrila due to their reputation but could you please enlighten me a little between asya premier and shangrila in terms of the beach and the relaxation and the food, the service, and the peace and quiet, please? Thank you very much! We enjoyed your site a lot. Thank you!

    • Hi Loma, the beach at Shangri La is private and the best of the two. It’d definitely be my top pick for relaxation, peace and quiet. The downside though is that it’s remote. It’s a 15 minute shuttle ride away from the center of Boracay.

      Asya Premier’s beach is at the very south end of Station 3. It’s not private, but only few people ever walk that far, so you could say it’s semi-private in practice. To the left of the resort there’s currently some construction going on though, which detracts a bit from that experience. On the plus side, Asya is just a 5 minute walk away from the more happening part of Station 3, so no need for shuttle services to get to that part of White Beach.

      Both resorts have good service and food, though I’d say that Asya does a bit better in the food department than Shangri La.

  8. Hi Paul. We’re planning to go to Boracay this September and were inkling on booking at La Carmela de Boracay coz we’re on a tight budget. What do you think of La Carmela? By the way we’re a group of four. Thanks and have a good day.

    • Hi Noly, I personally don’t like La Carmela at all. In fact when I walk past it I usually walk around it in an arc, because there are many sales people in front of the hotel. I don’t understand why they allow that. It also basically looks like a concrete box in the sand. Very un-Boracay like in my opinion.

      Considering you’re on a tight budget I recommend you have a look at Cocoloco or Dave’s Straw Hat Inn instead. They’re both in Station 3 also, but in a nicer area.

  9. Hi Paul. We are planning to go to Boracay in middle of May, how is the crowd that time?
    We are mainly going there to relax and stay in the quieter/less crowded side of the island. We are looking for a hotel/resort that is (by priority) Beachfront, not-too-crowded, close to great food/restaurant and won’t break the bank. What do you think about the following hotels: Coast, Astoria Boracay, Boracay Beach club and Fairways & Bluewater? Or if there is a better option not mentioned here. Thanks.

    • Hi Matt, the middle of May is relatively quiet, it’s the tail end of high season.

      From the hotels you mention I like Coast the most. It’s in the best looking area of Station 2, has great food, and it’s close to the fish market D’Talipapa (more great food there). It’s not the most quiet area on White Beach though, but inside of Station 2 it’s the best.

      Good alternative choices with both great food and quiet are Two Seasons Resort in Station 1 and Surfside in Station 3.

  10. Hi Paul, we are going to boracay this first week of May and we are staying at Palm Breeze Villa in Sunrise Cove , Bulabog Beach what do you think of this place did I make the right choice . when we get there if I don’t like the area , you think I can still book another hotel for one night

    • Hi Lulu, if you made the right choice depends on what you are looking for. Palm Breeze Villa has a great view of Bulabog Beach and the Bay, but the beach isn’t very good for swimming. It’s a bit far from White Beach also.

      On the other hand: the first week of May is very close to Labor Day (May 1), and White Beach is very busy during that time. So staying somewhere else like at Bulabog Beach can be a good thing in that respect.

      Occupancy is high, so it probably won’t be easy to find a different place in case you don’t like it.

  11. Hello Paul,

    What’s your view about DiniView Villa resort? Planning to go to Boracay – 3rd week of May

  12. hi paul,

    Great info,

    I will go to boracay this 2nd wk of june, I ll be staying on 2 hotel to cut down the price, rose pike on station 3, and i found this tiny hostel bluwaves beach house beside discovery shores in stn 1. Is that a good location for a beachfront? I m with my bf and its his fisrt time there, and also im wondering if the weather will be nice during those times?

    Thnk you

    • Hi Kim, you’re welcome. Next to Discovery Shores in Station 1 is one of the best beachfront locations, you made a very good choice. It’s nice also that you’ve split your stay between the 2 stations so you get to experience the different vibe of each.

      About the weather in June: see my answer to Maria’s comment below yours (she asked the same question).

  13. Hi Paul.
    My kids (aged 8 and 10) are set for a Boracay escapade this coming June 8-11. How is the weather by that time? Do i expect rains already? Also, what restaurants/ bars can you recommend as child – friendly, especially during the night? We love to listen to and observe good music. Thank you and more power!

    • Hi Maria, the weather in June differs year by year, because it’s right on the transition between dry and wet season. During some years when the season starts late it’s still mostly dry, during other years you’ll have rain already. June is kind of a gamble in that respect.

      A few resto bars that I can recommend are Bom Bom Bar in Station 2 and Treehouse in Station 3. They both have live music, good food and are suitable for kids.

  14. Hi Paul, my friends and i are visiting Boracay this June. We will be staying in Cohiba Villas, if i’m not mistaken in Station 1. I was reading through your blog and noticed that you mentioned Station 1 doesn’t have that many restaurants and nightlife. I wanted to know, are tricycles or any form of transport easy during late nights? Since the clubs and bars aren’t around Station 1, we would have to go to other parts of Boracay and return quite late at night.

    • Hi Ajay, Cohiba Villas isn’t in Station 1, it’s at Bulabog Beach which is on the east side of the island. Station 1 is at the west side of the island.

      There’s very limited choice for restaurants at Bulabog Beach, and Cohiba Villas is up the mountain which makes it quite a long walk to get to any restaurant, so you’ll probably will want to use the shuttle service often.

      P.S. there are restaurants in Station 1, just less than in Station 2 and 3. And tricycle transportation is easy to find along all the different stations. At Bulabog Beach tricycle transport is a lot harder to find though.

  15. halo Paul,
    you have seemed to intentionally or unintentionally omitted Crown Regency Hotel?

    • Hi Joy, I only list the best hotels here and I don’t consider Crown Regency to be among the best. In fact, I really dislike how they’ve cut many of the palm trees in front of their beachfront hotel. They seem to prioritize their buildings and structures over maintaining a well balanced nature.

  16. Hi Paul!
    I may have missed it in your comments and if so I apologize for being repetitive but I was wondering, what is the best time (month) to visit Boracay as far as weather is concerned and pricing?

    • Hi Denine, that would be half November to half December. That period has the best balance between good weather and pricing.

  17. Hi Paul!

    Me and partner are planning to visit Philippines in November. We prefer beaches that is natural as we are fond of nature and swimming is our least priority and we are torn between Palawan and Boracay island. Plus, we love a place that not only offers beach but also some kind like lagoon or hidden beach. While for accommodation, we are looking for affordable stay but has private bathroom. If we were to spend the holiday at Boracay,which hotel would you prefer? And one more thing, is 1 night is enough staying at either both places?

    • Hi Cressentia, after reading that you’re fond of nature and looking for affordable stay, the first hotel that comes to my mind as a good fit is Cocoloco in Station 3. It’s a budget beachfront with a rustic design and lush nature around its vicinity.

      About if staying 1 night is enough: sure you can relax during that time, but even though Boracay is small, there’s lots to discover and explore. So in that sense, if you were to take the time to do that you’d need a lot more time. But on average people stay in Boracay for 3 days, to give you an idea.

  18. Hi Paul , What budget resort you can recomend for me near station 2 and close to “talipapa” and good beach activity, I’m with my son and husband this coming 2nd week of June
    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Junna, that area (close to D’talipapa but on White Beach) is an great choice for an area to stay in. It’s my favorite area to hang out at in Station 2.

      The budget resorts I recommend there are Victory Divers Resort or one step up from that: Nigi Nigi Nu Noos. They’re both beachfronts and very close to D’talipapa.

  19. Hi Paul, Your site is really helpful. Are there beach bungalows on Boracay? I visit Thailand a lot and wondered if like Thailand it is very easy to just turn up and book a place to stay once there. Once off the plane Im guessing its a boat ride to the Island? Janine

    • Hi Janine, yes there are beach bungalows in Boracay. There’s Boracay Beach Resort (one of my recommendations in Station 1) and another good one is Boracay Pito Huts in Station 3.

      A bungalow resort that I really love for its location is Boracay Huts (note: without the “Pito”). It’s located in the most beautiful part of Station 3, and its vicinity is very open and roomy. Their facilities aren’t the best though.

      About the possibility of booking a place after turning up: that really depends on when you visit. During low season that shouldn’t be a problem, but in high season that can get you in a bind.

  20. Hi Paul, I like your guide, really helpful. We will stay 7 nights in Boracay. We like to stay in a hotel that has a swimming pool and offers buffet breakfast. We prefer to stay in station 2 but we will also go to other beaches like Puka shell beach (can you rent a motorcycle?) We like Coast but that is too expensive. What do you think about Boracay Haven Resort?
    Best regards, Wim

    • Hi Wim, Boracay Haven looks good when you’re on the inside, but I’m not a big fan of its location. It’s located in a not so beautiful street, and the beach area close to it isn’t the best either.

      I have 2 better alternatives for you that are just a bit more expensive, but much better in terms of location. They are Le Soleil and Mandarin. Both are beachfronts with swimming pools, and breakfast is included when you book via Agoda.

      P.S. You can rent your own motorcycle, but it’s ridiculously expensive, so almost no-one does it. Instead it’s better to just hail a tricycle, they much more sanely priced.

  21. Hi Paul!
    This is super! Love the attention to detail.

    We are a group of friends visiting Boracay for 4 nights. We’d love to get a villa of our own with a pool & breakfast included either in S1 or S2. We’ll be hitting bars & clubs all nights but would also want a nice property to stay at with a beach front and spectacular views so that we can stay in as well!

    I saw a few options in Bulabog on a hill – would you recommend that? Also wanted to understand how easy or tough it is to travel within Boracay – bikes, Uber, cabs etc?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Palakshee, Bulabog hill has a great view but it’s a bit remote and you’ll have to walk up a very steep road to get there from Bulabog Beach. No problem if you’re up for some exercise but I’d personally pass on that unless I’d have my own motorized transport.

      A good alternative that I recommend at Bulabog is Aissatou. They have apartments with kitchens located high up in their building. From those apartments you’ll also have a great view of the bay, and of their beautiful garden below. Plus you’ll be located right in front of Bulabog Beach, so you’re closer to everything and there’s no need walk up a steep mountain.

      The north of Station 1 also has some beachfront villas, but I haven’t explored them much yet, so I can’t really advise you on them. Travel within Boracay is all done via tricycles or motorcycles with a driver. You won’t find much if any of them on Bulabog hill though.

  22. Thanks Paul! We are looking for a villa with a pool. Or a resort that has a suite/presidential suite with an attached pool if possible. Any recommendations for something like that? Our options as of right now are Villa Tradewinds, Hennan Prime Beach and District Boracay.

    • You’re welcome Palakshee. I wouldn’t personally recommend any of the hotels you just suggested, well maybe District Boracay. But considering a large suite with pool attached is an option for you, I’d recommend you have a good look at the Suite Heaven from Two Seasons. It has a good view of Station 1 from high up in the building, and a private pool on the balcony. I’d go live there anytime 🙂

  23. Hi Paul, we will be in Boracay Oct 7-9 as we celebrate our 10th yr wedding anniv.. Im starting to look on possible hotel where we can stay- affordable but not sacrificing quality. We prefer to be in Station 3. I checked Cocoloco as u suggested to other inquiries- any other hotel/resort that u can suggest? I want to make the celebration special…This is our first time in Boracay…

    • Hi Em, have a look at Hey Jude South Beach. It’s in the same price range and right next to Cocoloco, but it looks more modern.

      Surfside is another good option located in the same general area. It has a yummy Japanese resto right next to it named Nagisa, which is also a good place to relax and enjoy the view.

      For a more romantic setting with a pool I recommend Boracay Ocean Club which is also in that general area. They have a small elevated platform where a couple can dine on the beach.

  24. Thanks Paul, will explore all those hotels which u have mentioned. Any thoughts on Boracay Sands Hotel?

    • You’re welcome Em. I’m not a big fan of the location of Sands because it’s in the north of Station 3 (Cocoloco and the others I recommended are in the south part).

      I recommend the south part of Station 3 only because the north part of Station 3 is much more like Station 2 but without the benefit of it being close to the center and without the laid back vibe of the south part of Station 3.

  25. Hi Paul, our family will be in Boracay this last week of August. We’re quite worried that the waters might be rough and with strong winds at this time of the year due to habagat. Is a beachfront hotel still great at this time? Were looking for a nice budget hotel in S2. Thank you for all your help.

    • Hi Roxanne, the sea at White Beach is wavy in August, but the waves rarely get very big and there’s usually only a mild current current in most places. It only really gets rough during stormy weather.

      I still recommend a beachfront hotel yes. All beachfronts are sheltered behind a wind barrier during habagat, so no issue there.

      Two budget beachfronts that I recommend in Station 2 are Nigi Nigi Nu Noos (semi-budget) and Victory Divers Restort (ultra-budget).

      They’re both located in my favorite part of Station 2, where I personally prefer to hang out on the beach. It’s also close to D’Talipapa, the seafood market, and just far enough from D’mall to make it a more quiet but still centrally located location.

      • Hello Paul, thank you for your reply. This is much appreciated. It’s such a relief to know the waves are manageable this time of the year since we have kids traveling along. Your hotel recommendations are well noted but it seems certain family members like to try hotels at Station 1, though. If it’s not too much to ask, do you have other choices for S1? Thanks again.

      • You’re welcome Roxanne. One good Station 1 budget option I haven’t mentioned yet is Sur Boracay. Its location is fantastic for the price. It’s in the most spacious and quiet part of Station 1. Most hotels in that area are luxury resorts, but via Sur you can stay there on a budget.

      • Thank you so much for your quick reply. Will consider this as top priority. We will definitely enjoy our 1st boracay adventure. Always God Bless.

  26. Hi Paul, this is such a great source of info!
    My husband, my son(6yo) and I with 2 other couples are planning on going to Boracay early next year. My husband is an avid golfer so we were mainly looking at Fairways and Blue waters. This will be my husband’s first time but I have been a few times and always stayed in a hotel in White Beach. I’ve never been to the east side of the island. I have a few questions, first is the private beach of Fairways as amazing as White beach, (2) how is the condition of the golf course, would it be possible to stay in a hotel in Stn 1(I (I’d like a quieter beach) and just golf at Fairways? What would you recommend?

    • You’re welcome Sam 🙂

      About the golf course, I’ve never been there since I’m not into golfing myself, so can’t help you with that. But the Beach at Fairways is great and won’t disappoint compared to White Beach.

      One thing I really enjoy is that you can swim to other nearby beaches to the left of Fairways also (just watch out for any fishing nets that might be placed in the water near those other beaches).

  27. Omg, Thank God I found this site!
    I’ll be in Boracay next week but I’m having a hard time to find a best hotel to stay in (but not anymore I guess, cause I saw these infos)Thank you for creating this Paul!,and for sharing everything that you know. Your site is really helpful!
    You’re a savior. 🙂 😀

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