1. Very good overview of the white beach and activities. What I noticed last time I’ve been in the island (around Easter, a few years ago) was that there was a lot of algal growth which washed ashore, and laying on the beach in a wide strip. But that must be the time of the year I suppose.
    Further it remains a beautiful island to spend a few days.

    • Hi Jan, thanks and yes you’re right, the algae are seasonal like you say – usually from mid-February to May. They don’t bother me too much though, since they are only in the fist few meters of water. The water where you swim is usually clear.

  2. Hi Paul,

    I find your site very informational and interesting. I will be in Boracay this coming April 29-May 6. Your blog helped me a lot.


  3. Hi Paul, Can you please advise how deep the water is at station 3. I m looking to stay there, but I m not a swimmer. Thank you!

    • Hi Elena, it depends on the tide and on where in Station 3 you are. The further south you go the deeper it becomes. I estimate you can stand in the water for a about 5 – 15 meters.

      In the far north of Station 1 on the other hand the water can be super shallow. I have a memory of me walking about 50 meters into the sea while still standing.

  4. Hi Paul,
    Im currently working in Singapore and have just booked a weeks R&R to Boracay in October which i can’t wait for! Your guide is great, very informative and well put together. Wondered if you had any suggestions of nice places to stay, from doing a bit of research i think Station 2 sounds most suited to me. im looking for something mid-budget, close to the beach and nightlife, and im a female travelling alone so would prefer a private room etc, also hoping to do some scuba diving during my visit.

    any advice you can offer would be great,

    thanks! Becki

    • Hi Becki, thanks. I put a lot of work in it, so it’s always good to hear when it helps someone out.

      As for good places to stay in Station 2, my favorite area there is in front of the El Centro resort. I like that area because there are lots of palm trees on the beach there. It gives the beach a peaceful feel, and you can use the trees for shade.

      We were actually discussing the same topic on TripAdvisor a few days ago. Check out that discussion for some more tips here: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-Boracay_s_Nightlife_The_Definitive_Guide (scroll down)

    • Hi Becki! I just stumbled upon this site just now and I hope that you’re enjoying your stay on the island (but I suppose you’re done with your vacation when you read this). I just came home from a diving trip in Boracay and most of the diving schools are on the other side of the island, in Bulabog Beach. Have you tried that area when you went to Boracay? There’s also kitesurfing in that area.

  5. You are too good man……………. amazing… one of the best blog i hv evrrr rd…

    good work.

    It really helped me..

    I have booked my ticket for 24 dec to 27 Dec.
    Is it good time??

    • Hey FJ, yes it’s a good time. Just know it’s a peak in high season so it will be busy in Station 2 during the afternoon (mornings and noon times are usually not that busy).

      If you prefer to have a more peaceful experience I’d recommend staying in the south part of Station 3 or in Station 1.

      Either way, the nightlife is great during this time, lots of things going on. So if you like to be close to that, Station 2 can be a good choice as well.

  6. Hi Paul,

    The guideline for the 3 stations is brilliant and has helped to confirm my research.
    Keep up the good work mate!


  7. Hi Paul hope all great with you. Needed some info about boracay, would you recommend it for honeymooners ? Also how far are the distances between station 1,2 and 3?

    • Hi Ricky, it depends on the kind of honeymoon you want to have. If you like to be in a beach destination with vibrancy and life then Boracay is an excellent choice. If you like a more secluded place with more privacy then I would also consider a destination like Palawan. You can also find secludedness in Boracay, but less spectacular. So if you like a bit of both then Boracay can still be a good fit.

      About the distance between station 1, 2 and 3. White Beach is 4km long and the different stations each take up about one third of it.

      I regularly walk from the center of Station 2 to the end of Station 3 and that’s very doable. It’s a good walk. Walking the whole 4km stretch of the beach can be done also of course, but with the heat I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re really up for some exercise.

  8. Hi Paul,
    First of all thank you for your website.
    How is the weather there in the month of July, I’m planning to go back this coming July, it’s been 11 years since I went back home and never been to Boracay island, i heard about it. You probably know more about the Philippines than me I’ve live here in the u.s. for 30 years now. How is the water? some picture I’ve seen green some like turquoise color all i know the water temp is warm. Is there a lot of algae in the water?
    Thank you again!!!

    • Hi aml, you’re welcome. The weather in July is usually cloudy, with 1-2 hours of rain per day. The water is pure turquoise during that time, without algae.

  9. Hi Paul, How is the algae situation in Boracay right now? will be visiting next week. Please shed light, thanks.

    • Hi Dewo, the algae are here now – they have arrived early this year. The situation differs day by day, one day you can see many, another day you can see little. Overall though, it’s not as bad as you see in most online pictures. Most of those pictures show the worst case scenario, which is not very common.

  10. Hi Paul. We’re planning to go to boracay this January 2017. How’s the weather, water, foot traffic, etc…? By the way I’m bringing grandma, grandpa, a 1 year old kid and 2 teenagers! ? Thanks in advance! Mabuhay ka!

    • Hi Jay, January is dry and sunny with a breezy wind. Foot traffic is pretty busy during that time and the water is clear, without algae.

      Sounds like your up for fun times 🙂 And you’re welcome.

  11. This is an awesome site Paul! Good job on this! I will be visiting Boracay on Sunday, March 13 till the 16th. It’s been 9 years since the last time I was there. I heard there are lots of changes already. But I am still excited to be there! Thanks for all the info you posted here. (Hope Boracay isn’t that crowded yet when I come.)

    Keep up the good work on this website man! 🙂 Cheers!

    • Hi Shin, it’s not so much that Station 3 is less developed (there are still buildings in front of the beach), but the buildings there blend in better with the surrounding nature. You could say it’s less commercially developed.

      You’ll see more palm trees, gardens, bamboo style structures etc, which gives Station 3 a more relaxing and peaceful feel.

      The further south you go in Station 3 the more it becomes like that.

  12. hi paul

    great guide! were planning to come to boracay for a honeymoon around mid December this year .. is that the same time it gets crowded?
    you also mentioned Palawan is a place to go, what is the best way to travel there being either before or after visiting boracay

    • Hi Linda, thanks and yes mid-December is a busy time. The crows are mainly in Station 2. Station 1 and 3 will feel less busy to not busy at all depending on the time of day.

      About traveling between Boracay and Palawan:

      There is now a company that offers direct flights named Air Juan. I haven’t used them yet myself but it’s worth looking into. The alternative would be to fly via Manila.

  13. Hi,
    You site is really informative, very helpful.
    I’d like to ask you for a recommendation. Which hotel is best to stay in Station 3 🙂 hotel with beach that is a bit safer haha, where it doesn’t really get deep super quick.

    Thanks a lot, from an OFW in Singapore 🙂

    • Hi Abbie, the more north you go in Station 3 the more shallow the water becomes. But the surroundings also become less beautiful after a while. If you like to stay in Station 3 I recommend you stay in Surfside hotel, or somewhere around that area in Station 3. It’s still beatiful, but a bit less deep than in the far south of Station 3.

      Also, there is no current in the water anywhere along White Beach, so in that sense it’s safe everywhere.

  14. Thanks so much for the informative guide to White Beach!
    My boyfriend and I will be in Boracay for 4 nights next month and are trying to decide where to stay. Due to the short amount of time that we will have there we would like to find somewhere to stay that allows us to see the best of the island. We are not too fussed about night life but would like to stay somewhere in walking distance of good restaurants/the best parts of White beach. Do you have any suggestions? Our budget is around £40-70 per night. Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Hi Susie, you’re welcome. The first hotel that comes to mind after reading what you’re looking for is Surfside. It’s a beachfront hotel located in the relaxing and green part of Station 3, It also has a great looking and tasty restaurant right next to it named Nagisa. Hope that helps 🙂

  15. Truly well laid out and informative web site. Typifies what the internet is all about. Many thanks for your work. I am going to be there in May or June this year and this site has been an immense aid to planning our trip.

    Do you know what the journey time is from Iloilo City by coach? My Wife and I have a house in Sara, but I assume it would be easier to travel to Iloilo City first before heading to Kalibo.

    • Hey James, thanks, that’s good to hear. And you’re welcome.

      About travel time from Iloilo to Caticlan: it’s 6 hours.

  16. Dear paul
    May i ask you that how is the beach in station 3? I heard that it is not very nice comparing to the station 1 and 2. Is the water also clean and blue in station 3?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Tan, yes the water is clean and blue now in all stations. I really enjoy Station 3 myself but only the south part of it, the north part of Station 3 is the least attractive part of White Beach to me.

      The south part of Station 3 has the most relaxing vibe compared to the other parts of White Beach. It also has more nature and bamboo style resorts etc. which all add to that vibe. That’s why I like it there.

      The water becomes deep a lot quicker there though so for swimming I definitely prefer Station 2 or 1.

      I would not say that Station 3 is not very nice. It is nice, but I highly recommend staying in the southern part of it if you decide to stay there. That’s the nice part.

  17. Hi Paul, my wife and I are looking to go to Boracay early to mid Septmeber 2016 staying at Punta Rosa at station 1. We have heard that the weather is not so great then, should we reschedule for another month …? What can we expect if we stick with our September plans?

    • Hi Mark, September is rainy season The usual weather during that time is 1 to 2 of hours rain and cloudy with some occasional sunshine but not much.

      It doesn’t rain all day, the rain usually occurs in the morning and in the afternoon, both approximately 1 hour.

      I still enjoy Boracay during rainy season, it has a rugged nature feel which I like, and there are a lot less people. But if you’re looking to enjoy the sun then it might be best to reschedule to December or November (November still has a chance of rain but less).

  18. Hi Paul! I commend you for a very informative blog! Thank you!!!
    My family is planning to go Philippines in April next year and thinking of going to Boracay maybe first week of May. Do you think it’s a good time to go there that time? Based on what you said, I’m torn between Station 1 & 2. How far if you walk from Station 1 to 2? Can you recommend a place to stay in both stations? I want to show my husband and kids the best of Boracay and I think Station 1 has it. But I also want us to be able to see night life in Station 2. Are there any other activities you can do there (snorkeling, boating etc.). How’s the food prices there? Thanking you in advance for your response!

    • Hi JC, I recommend against going to Boracay in the fist week of April. Because April 1 is Labor Day in the Philippines during which everyone and their dog flocks to Boracay to party. Many big brands also put small booths beside the beach during that time, which ruin the relaxing beach vibe.

      It’s the only time of year I personally don’t like Boracay.

      Luckily that only lasts for a few days so I can recommend the second week of April or the week before Labor Day. It’s hot and sunny during this period.

      As for hotel recommendations. For Station 1 I recommend White House and for Station 2 El Centro. They’re both located in the best location of their respective station. The distance between White House in Station 1 and Station 2 is just 1 kilometer, so it’s a quick and easy walk.

      • Great! Thanks so much for your response. I heard that it’s algae season between April-May… 🙁 If we go there second week of May, you think there will still be algae? We want to see the clearest water of Boracay… hopefully our timing is good… How about the food prices?

        And I was actually looking at Blue Lily Hotel in Station 1. Have you been there?

        • There will probably still be algae. About food prices. Have a look at my restaurant guide. That guide describes the 15 best budget restos, including price ranges and cooking styles.

          About the Blue Lily Hotel, I’m not a big fan of that part of White Beach to be honest. It feels a bit cramped compared to the otherwise spacious feel of Station 1.

  19. Hi Paul,

    We are planning to visit Boracay first week of September and our return flight is 7:50 am from Caticlan Airport. What is the earliest travel time of banca from Boracay to Caticlan? Any suggested affordable and nice hotel in station 2?

    • Hi Michelle, the official travel time for Bancas is between 6 am and 10 pm.

      Usually you can still find boats that operate outside of those hours though, but to be guaranteed of a boat ride during those hours it’s a good idea to book transport with Southwest Tours.

      My recommended hotel for Station 2 is El Centro.

  20. Hi Paul,
    We are planning to visit Boracay in February 2017.Can you recommend a beachfront hotel?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Rary, I will be reviewing and writing a guide about the best hotels to stay at soon. In it I’ll give detailed info and recommendations (much more details then I could give you here).

      So I recommend you check back for that. I estimate it should be done in 1-2 months from now.

  21. Hi Paul, like everybody else says, great site. I was just wondering what the ATM situation was on Boracay and do you know if any of the machines accept Union Pay cards.

    I mean on White Beach, particularly Station 2.

    • Thanks Graham, there are plenty of ATMs on the island, most of them in Station 2 and 3 of them are beside the beach.

      The only thing is that in the weekends they often get emptied out. I usually go to BDO on the main road. That one to me has been the most reliable. There are also 2 other banks just beside it, so in case it doesn’t work you have 2 more quick tries.

      I don’t know about their compatibility with Union Pay cards. There are many different banks though so good chance at least some will work with your card.

  22. Keep it going Paul, this site is very informative ! See you in 3 weeks Boracay for the 4th time !

  23. Hi. I’m currently in Australia but will be travelling to Boracay in December for a week. Your blog looks so amazing and has been helping me out plan my trip to Boracay with my bf. I just have a few questions I hope you can help me out with:
    1. What beachfront hotel would you recommend that has amazing views but with reasonable prices? Probably at Station 1 or 2.
    2. Are there tour guides you can hire in Boracay or companies that have packages for different activities to do there?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Phoenix, try Zuzuni Hotel. It’s in Station 1 and very close to Station 2. Their balcony rooms facing the beach have great views and the price is reasonable considering the location. Their food is yummy also.

      About tour guides, when you stay at Zuzuni Hotel you’re actually just few steps away from the booth that acts as the central location for booking fairly priced activities. (No middle man is involved there). You can find that booth along the beach bath, 50 meters north of Zuzuni.

      Hope that helps and great to hear my site has helped you plan your trip.

  24. Hi! Coming there to work from august 24’th. Is it hard to find an affordable apartment for long term rent? Tried googling a lot but not all use the interweb to advertise their apartments/houses i guess. Should I take a stroll and look for signs? Coming with ny cebuano wife.

    • Hi Kristian, in August it’s easy to find apartments. Availability is high because it’s the middle of low season.

      But don’t waste your time looking for apartments online, there are few listed and they’re often overpriced. A better way is to take a stroll like you said, and don’t necessarily look for signs because often there are none.

      Instead it’s better to look for and ask if particular buildings rent out apartments. You’ll find lots of options quickly that way.

  25. Hi paul, very informative! Will be there last week of may..is that a busy time of the year? What is weather like there? If i could also get a tip what beachfront resto i can go to surprise my dad for his 60th birthday..?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Gen, last week of May is not very busy, it’s the very end of high season. The weather should still be dry. Only if the wet season would start early you could get some wet feet. Last year it started late though, in the end of June.

      Regarding beachfront restaurants, I would recommend Kasbah in Station 1, Aplaya in Station 2, or Nagisa in Station 3. All 3 are excellent choices.

  26. Hi Paul, My husband and I are planning to go there in boracay this coming Sept 2017. What’s it like weather wise? And What station is better? We want a quiet station and close to everything. Is there any transportation from station 1 to station 3? Thank you in advance

    • Hi Edel, September is wet season. Expect 1-2 hours of rain per day and mostly cloudy skies. Boracay is relatively quiet during that time. There is transport available between the different stations yes. Via the main road (which is close to all the different stations). The tricycles there will drive you anywhere.

      • Thank you so much Paul,Anyway you think it’s better to book online for the hotel or we can walk in?The hotel online is kinda pricey.But would love to go to a quiet station.And how about the night life in September?I am super excited because this is our first time to there.

      • In September it’s ok to walk in, it’s low season so most hotels won’t be fully occupied. The nightlife is pretty quiet during that time.

  27. Hi Paul! Appreciate all these info you have here =) We will be taking a trip on 22 May to 26 May. How’s the algae season looking? Rainy days or mostly sunny?
    We noticed that some nice resorts are rather out of the way but because we prefer somewhere quiet, hence don’t mind the distance to the white beach or d’mall. However, just wondering how’s the beach looking at these resorts* (some do have their own private beach)? As clear and blue as white beach?
    *Palassa Private Residences
    *Karuna & Villas
    *Nami Resort
    Thanks a million! =D

    • Hi Val, you’re welcome. May is sunny and with algae at White Beach.

      Those resorts you mention don’t have a private beach though. The first 2 are at Bulabog beach, which is the kite and windsurfing beach. The water isn’t as beautiful there and not well suited for swimming, due to watersports and sea urchins.

      Nami is at Diniwid Beach, which is just a short walking distance from Station 1. It’s relatively quiet there but it’s not a private beach also.

      If you’re looking for a quiet place with a private beach I recommend you have a look at Fairways and Bluewater Resort. Fairways is a fairly priced resort in the price range that you’re already looking in, and with a beautiful private beach that’s well suited for swimming. The added benefit is also that there are no algae there.

    • It’s nice, it’s only small with many volcanic rocks around. But it’s not so nice that I would choose to stay there for the beach…

      If staying in that area I’d prefer to stay in the north of Station 1 instead, which is close to the beach of Nami resort, but much more spacious, has nicer water, is quiet too, and is closer to D’Mall.

  28. Hi Paul , sorry can you give me also advice on the 25 April we go to boracay , so station 1 is more luxurious and station 3 good but more nature?
    If the beach is nice it’s all good…
    And you know there good resorts ?
    Thank you so much

  29. Hey,
    We planned to take our kids with us in january what station would you recommend. They are 9 and 16 years

    Regards Tom

    • Hi Tom, with kids I recommend either Station 1 or 3.

      Station 3 because it’s the most peaceful and relaxing area, and Station 1 because the water is very shallow there. Both are good with kids for different reasons.

      • Because Station 2 is relatively busy and best for when you want to be close to the nightlife. But if you like to be centrally located and close to everything it can still be a good choice, even with kids. It’s just that if I would have kids I’d prefer to stay in Station 1 or 3 because they’re more quiet.

  30. Hello Paul,

    We will be at Boracay the 3rd week of March this year. What do you think of Astoria Current, is it located in the nice part of station 3 ?

    Is Zuzuni okay for kids? Since its close to station 2. Do you think we’ll be able to hear noise if we decide to stay there.

    • Hi Francesca, Astoria Current isn’t located part of station 3 that I describe as the nice part. It’s located further north. Good alternatives which are located in the nice part are Boracay Ocean Club and Surfside Resort. I prefer Surfside myself because it has a tasty and atmospheric Japanese restaurant right next to it, named Nagisa.

      I’d say Zuzuni is not ideal for kids because it’s quite busy there. If staying in one of the beachfront rooms you’ll hear noise yes.

  31. Hi Paul.. thanks for this post. Really help me alot. But just want some opinion.
    There are lots of online promos with accommodation and roundtrip tickets. Is it better than to book the airfare separately?
    Im planning to travel with my family (2kids)

    • Hi Roshel, that’s hard to say. It depends on the included accommodation and the price of the package. Usually with packages you don’t have a lot of choice, so in that sense I feel they’re not so interesting – because you can’t choose exactly where you want to stay. But if you’re sure you like the included hotel and want to save some money they can be a good choice.

  32. Hi Paul,
    I’m glad to know about your quick overview of the 3 stations. Me and hubby are planning to spend our 10th year anniversary in Boracay, that will be in August. As much as we would like to spend all out and party hard, we thought we would worry less and enjoy more if we bring the kids along with us haha #parentproblems Having said that, I think it would be best to stay at Station 3? Where we could have a more peaceful and relaxing vacation. I don’t want the kids be exposed to a crowded place that much and we want to keep a family budget friendly since our kids are preschoolers. Anyway, if you could share a thought for the best place to stay with kids in Boracay I would greatly appreciate it. Other than that, your reviews really helped a lot! Cheers!

    • Hi Dee, August is the low of low season. During that time you don’t have to worry about crowded places anywhere in Boracay. Station 2 still has by far the most people, but I wouldn’t call it crowded.

      As soon as you walk away from Station 2 things quickly become quiet. So if that’s what you like then I feel yes, Station 3 will be a great choice. 2 budget resorts that I recommend in that area are Cocoloco and Hey Jude South Beach. They’re located right next to each other in a beautiful green and kid friendly environment.

  33. Hi Paul,
    Thank you so much for your guide. I will be visiting Boracay this coming May with my sons.
    Best Regards,

  34. Hi Paul,

    Im not sure where to stay in white beach. torn between Two Seasons and Astoria Current. I knew location is comparable for both. and current by astoria is new, modern. How bout two seasons? I like the relaxing vibe beachfront of two seasons. Is it the same with astoria current?? Location wise and luxury thing, both hotels are good. But how bout their beachfront like?? actually looking for a hotel with relaxing beachfront, but accessible to the fun area of station 2 as well. I was eyeing for Villa Caemilla and Coast but not within my budget. Astoria Current and Two Seasons fits in but not decided between the two. Can you advise bout this? Thanks

    • Hi KishKendra, between those two I’d definitely choose Two Seasons, because I’m not a big fan of the location of Astoria Current (it’s in the north of Station 3, I only like and recommend the south part).

      The beachfront of Two Seasons is superior and more serene. The only downside is that it’s a bit of a walk to Station 2 from there, but you get to enjoy a better beachfront in return and the walk itself is beautiful too.

      • Hi Paul,

        Thanks for your immediate reply and that helps a lot! How bout when it comes to the food and rooms? Are they comparable? thanks thanks!! Overall, would your prefer Two Seasons??

      • You’re welcome. I prefer the rooms of Two Seasons because they feel much more warm and homey. But that’s a personal preference of mine. The rooms at both hotels are well maintained. Food is also good at both hotels, though I’d say Two Seasons wins in that category too.

  35. Paul, excellent site you have. It’s helping me alot with planning my first trip to Boracay this fall. Very much appreciated!

  36. Hello Paul, great work! I will be in Boracay next february and we are thinking of reserving a place in Yapak. What are your thoughts about it? how much time and how to get from yapak to station 1 and 2? Thanks

    Francine from Canada

    • Hi Francine, it depends on where you’re planning to stay in Yapak since it’s a pretty big area. Depending on the area Yapak is 10-20 minutes from Station 2 when traffic is good.

      I personally prefer to stay closer to White Beach, because that’s really the heart of Boracay. But if you like more peace and quiet then Yapak can be a good choice too in certain locations.

  37. Hi Paul,
    I was in Boracay as a kid when it was just an island with nothing on it. The last time I was there was in 2000. Where would you recommend I stay that would remind me of when it was not as discovered/developed? Thanks, btw for your guide; it’s well done and helpful. Are there still Atis living there?

    • You’re welcome. The south of Station 3 has retained a lot of the original laid back Boracay feel. Surfside and Cocoloco are both good rustic looking choices there.

      Also, during low season the south part of Bulabog Beach has a good amount of local life going on. In that area I’d recommend Riesling Resort. One of the biggest Ati villages is at southern tip of Bulabog Beach, in front of the the second Bay.

      • Hi Paul,
        Thanks so much for the reco. I envy you that you’re able to live in Boracay full time. Surfside is actually on my list. But I also saw on Agoda a small building of 6 apartments not on the beach. It’s called 812 Angol Apts. Any thoughts on that area and accommodations? I read you have to go through an alley about a 1-2 min walk from the beach.

      • I’ve actually never been to 812 Angol. I just looked up its location and I see it’s tucked away in an area that I’ve overlooked and not visited yet. I’ve visited the beach in front of that area many times and it’s that old Boracay feel there yeah, quiet and a nice bar to relax closeby named Congas.

        So I can’t help you with my thoughts about 812 specifically, but I can tell you, considering you’re looking for that old Boracay feel: the beach is there is the best place on White Beach for you to experience that.

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