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The Ultimate Guide to Boracay Island in The Philippines

Written by Paul Fournier

​Written by Paul Fournier

​H​i, I'm Paul. I live in Boracay and ​​I'm the author of BoracayCompass​. On this website I give you in​sider tips and info​ about the island​​. Such as what the best things to do are, where to stay, how to get there, and much more…

My end goal is to help you have the best possible experience during your stay, by showing you all the different things that the island has to offer.

​​So take a look over my shoulder as I show you Boracay…

About Boracay & Why ​To Visit

About Boracay and Why To Visit

​Welcome to paradise. Boracay is a small tropical island where people from all over the world come to enjoy beach life, water sports and a vibrant nightlife. It’s located in the mid-west of the Philippines – a one hour flight away from the country’s capital, Manila.

​Boracay's attraction isn't limited to just a few things. It's the combination of many things that makes ​it unique. In the words of travel blogger Sabrina Iovino from JustOneWayTicket.com:

​Boracay is the kind of island you will never want to leave. I've traveled to more than 50 countries and there are not many places where I've returned 5 times. Boracay is one of them.

Sabrina Iovino

​Sabrina Iovino

​Travel Blogger & Photographer

​The main reasons why I personally love Boracay are because of it’s laid back vibe, the friendly people, and the beautiful beaches. But there are ​many other things that attract people to the island, which you can read all about in 10 reasons to make Boracay Island your next vacation destination.

​Things To Do

Things To Do

​Boracay is small in size but diverse in things to do, as you can see in my article on Boracay’s top 23 activities. Inside you’ll find many ​videos showing the activities in action.

Apart from organized activities, there are also 12 beautiful beaches to visit, an abundance of yummy restaurants to choose from, and of course Boracay’s famous nightlife.

Where To Stay

Where To Stay

​The main accommodation strip ​runs along the 4 kilometer long White Beach. ​Th​is beach has many hotels, ​restos and nightlife venues alongside it​, and it’s divided into three areas, named Station 1, Station 2, and Station 3...

The station that you’ll choose to stay ​in will have a big impact on your experience in Boracay, so to help you choose the ​station that best fits your travel style, I’ve written an 4-part article ​​with a ​​comparison of Boracay's ​stations, and the 12 ​best ​hotels within each.

​How To Get There

How To Get There

​There are multiple ways to get to Boracay and they aren’t always self-explanatory​, as in there is some potential for confusion and plans going haywire. So to help you get to the island in the smoothest way possible I’ve written a 3-part article on how to get to Boracay.

In it you’ll learn how to get from Boracay Airport to your hotel, how to navigate the dreaded Manila Airport, and how to find cheap flights to Boracay via Manila and other Asian airports.

Thanks to Carlo Garcia for letting me use his panorama of White Beach as the title picture.​