About Boracay Compass & How The Website Will Help You

If you’re planning, researching or are on a vacation in Boracay, you’re in the right place. On Boracay Compass you can find all of my in-depth guides that will help you enjoy Boracay to the fullest.

How it all started

Hi, I’m Paul, the author of Boracay Compass, on top of Mt. Luho in Boracay

When I first arrived in Boracay there was no detailed guide. So it took me time to discover all the good things that Boracay has to offer. Once I had, I started writing about it.

My first guide was titled The Ultimate Guide to Boracay’s Nightlife. It’s an in-depth guide that I put over 40 hours in. It got picked up by quite a few other travel websites and soon started bringing in thousands of visitors.

Publishing that guide made me realize I was providing something of value. So from that moment on I knew I wanted to continue to grow the site and help people make the most of their stay in Boracay. And also to help the Philippines grow as a tourist destination – beyond Boracay. Because the Philippines has a lot to offer, and is still underrated as a travel destination.

Why Boracay?

The main reasons why I personally love staying in Boracay are because of its laid back vibe, the friendly people, and the 9 beautiful beaches. You can see more reasons in my article titled 10 Reasons To Make Boracay Your Next Vacation Destination.

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