Girls Vacationing in Boracay: The Top 5 Nationalities & What To Expect

Paul Fournier

Boracay is a very social island with girls from many different countries visiting. There are 5 nationalities that are present more than others though. On this page I talk about what countries they’re from and what to expect…

Filipina Girls

About half of all girls vacationing in Boracay are Filipinas (pictured above). Most Filipinas speak good English and are very friendly and sociable. Their social nature and good sense of humor make them generally fun and easy to connect with.

Korean Girls

Korean girls in Club Galaxy

About one third of foreign girls in Boracay are Korean. Korean girls are generally highly educated and well traveled, though their English is limited. In social interactions they can sometimes be a bit reserved, but that changes once you get to know them.

Chinese Girls

Chinese girls at White Beach

A bit less than one third of the foreign girls are Chinese. And although their English is limited, I like that Chinese girls are generally pretty open to meeting new people.

Western Girls

Western girls turning strangers into friends via Pubcrawl

Western girls visit Boracay primarily during high season (when it’s winter in most western countries). They don’t visit the island much during low season. Most western girls speak good English and enjoy visiting the different bars and clubs to meet new people.

Girls From Other Countries

Apart from the countries mentioned above you’ll also frequently see girls from Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Russia. Boracay has people visiting from all over the world though, the countries mentioned on this page are just the most common ones.

Where To Meet Girls & Make Friends

Meeting girls and making friends is easy in Boracay because of it being a very social island with mostly young and open minded people. On top of that there’s a vibrant nightlife with plenty of choice for bars, clubs and parties. For more info on that see my detailed guide to Boracay’s nightlife.