Best Bulabog Beach Hotels in Boracay

Choosing a good hotel at Bulabog Beach can be a challenge if you’ve never been to Boracay before. That’s why I created this guide. To show you the best resorts in this area, so that you can quickly and easily pick the perfect place for your stay.

Note: I selected the following hotels based on location, overall quality and value for money. I’ve also made sure that each has an overwhelming amount of positive reviews – so that they’re not just resorts that I like, but also places that other people were happy to stay at.

About Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach is the adventurous and sporty counterpart of White Beach, located literally on the opposite side of the island. The two beaches are only a 10 minute walk apart though, as they sit along the narrowest part of Boracay, which is less than a kilometer wide.

During windy season, which runs from November till April, it’s the kite and windsurfing beach of Boracay. You’ll see many surfers blasting across the bay. And of course you can be one of them. If you don’t know how to kite yet, there are plenty of schools in the area that can teach you. And it’s a great place to learn or improve due to the shallow water.

Even if you’re not into wind or kitesurfing, Bulabog offers a more relaxed and casual vibe that you may appreciate. The only downside is that it’s not really suitable for swimming due to the surfers blasting across the water. But since White Beach is just a short walk away, that doesn’t have to be an issue.

The Best Budget Hotels

I’ve scoured the island (and the Internet) for the best deals, and selected the 4 best-valued accommodations at or near Bulabog Beach. These 4 places covers your basics: clean rooms and showers, cable television, and Wi-Fi. All while being easy on your wallet. Their starting room rates range from ~$18 to $52 per night (~₱940 – ₱2710).

Lazy Dog Bed & Breakfast

Lazy Dog Bed & Breakfast

Named after the pet dog of the owners that loves to lounge around the front desk and greet guests, this place is as B&B as it gets.

While there are regular rooms for couples and families, this place’s real attraction is its 8-bed dormitory room, perfect for lone romantic souls looking to find themselves without breaking the bank, or a large group of backpackers interested in learning the arts of both wind or kitesurfing and saving money.

As for the breakfast side of things, they’re known for their simple but generous meals every morning, and for the price, no one could ask for more.

They’re located along the middle of Bulabog, 50 meters from the beach, in a pleasant to walk in little road. It’s a great experience to stroll out of there in the morning, and be greeted with a fresh breeze in your face and the whole bay of Bulabog in full view.

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Aissatou Beach Resort

Aissatou Beach Resort

If you have a passion for kitesurfing, Aissatou is a good resort to consider, since they have their very own kite boarding school with IKO certified instructors right at the premises.

But even if you’re not interested in any water sports, this place is still a solid stay due to where its located: right at the beach. They also have a beautiful garden full of greenery, a great place to hang out and relax.

In addition to that, it’s the only place in the budget category that’s a beachfront property.

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Secret Garden Resort

Secret Garden Resort

This Garden may be a secret, but its neighborhood is not. It’s located in the center of Boracay, sitting at equal distance from White and Bulabog Beach, making it quick to visit both. This resort is the cheapest among the 4 budget options when it comes to their standard room.

Aside from that, they also have a huge family room good for four adults and two children (if they’re under 8, they stay for free). It has a kitchenette, and I think this is such an underrated but very helpful feature when staying in Boracay on a budget.

It will let you take advantage of the fresh produce near you, so you won’t be obliged to dine out for every meal during your vacation. Add to this all the fares you will save by not needing to take tricycle rides and I really think Secret Garden Resort should be on your radar if you’re planning to stay near Bulabog Beach.

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Ernest’s Place

Ernest’s Place

Ernest’s Place is the highest-rated hotel in the budget category, and I personally believe that’s due to the luxurious feel it has, while still being cheap enough to compete with the prices of its simpler counterparts.

Like the previously discussed Secret Garden, it’s also located at the center of Boracay. On foot it’s 3-5 minutes away from Bulabog Beach, 5-7 minutes from White Beach, and 3 minutes from D’Mall. This makes it a great place for when you like to explore the different areas.

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The Best Mid-Range Hotels

The best value + experience balance can often be found by meeting in the middle. So here I’ve curated a short list of hotels that do just that; give you the modern comforts that you expect during a vacation with prices that are respectful of your bank account balance. Their starting room rates range from ~$45 to $74 per night (~₱2350 – ₱3.860).

Ralph’s Place

Ralph’s Place

Ralph’s Place offers bungalows for accommodation. Its natively-designed huts are spacious and some even have their own kitchenette. This makes you feel like you’re living in a small village instead of a commercial hotel.

You can choose a bungalow overlooking the ocean, the pool, or the garden. This can be great for honeymooners that want some privacy during their stay on the island.

It is worth pointing out that you need to climb a 86 step stairs to get to the place, as it sits up a mountain ridge. But other than that, it sits right in front of the beach. And because it sits up high, the view from the place is amazing, overlooking the entire bay.

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Balcony Inn

Balcony Inn

Named after the furnished balconies where they serve their complimentary breakfasts, Balcony Inn is located 3 minutes from the beach, and at the narrowest part of the island, giving you the shortest distance between White and Bulabog Beach.

Its rooms have a modern industrial design with large grey-tiled bathrooms and a built-in gas stove in your private kitchenette. The design is contrasted by the warm hospitality of the family that runs the place. They’re extremely friendly and will happily help you find the best deals when it comes to water sports and other island activities.

Excellent service and hospitality are intangible things that are hard to quantify with words, but they do make your vacation so much easier and better in quality. So while this place might sound unremarkable with its straightforward rooms, it makes the list due to these invisible qualities.

It’s also worth pointing out that many of their guests praise the quality of their breakfast, which typically comes free with your booking.

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Ferra Premier

Ferra Premier

This place has without a doubt the most luxurious space and furniture compared to all the other mid-range hotels on the list. It’s the farthest from Bulabog Beach, but they have a free shuttle service. And they’re located near the center of Boracay, so getting to an area with a good selection of restaurants will not be more than 5 minutes away on foot.

Speaking of restaurants, the closest restaurant is inside the hotel itself — or rather — on top of it. This will simplify a lot of things in the moments when you don’t feel like going out, as you can quickly ride the elavator up to have a luxurious dinner with a view.

Expect nothing less than five-star service from the staff, since that’s what the brand of this hotel is all about. In fact, had this place been a few hundred meters closer to any beach, they could easily charge double due to the quality of their place. But lucky for us, they’re not, and that’s what makes Ferra Premier a steal.

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The Best Luxury Hotels

Boracay knows luxury, and does it well. However, Bulabog is the home of more reasonable prices, even when the luxury meter is set on high. The starting room rates range from ~$79 to $97 per night (~₱4130 – ₱5070).

Banana Bay

Banana Bay

The view. The location. The rooms. Banana Bay excels in all three. This beachfront resort is located along the middle of Bulabog Beach, from where you have an amazing panoramic view of the bay, the kitesurfing action, and the sunrise.

They also have their own restaurant named ‘The Monkey Restaurant’ which serves curated Filipino and international dishes.

The atmosphere is fresh with tropical touches, and the rooms are carefully decorated with modern yet natural furnishings. Huge bathtubs and showers complete the package.

The vicinity to the waters and winds of Bulabog makes this an ideal stay for avid kitesurfers, and there’s a sizable pool for those who like to relax with a view.

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Rieseling Resort

Rieseling Resort

Secluded would be the perfect word to describe this resort. It’s also located right in front of Bulabog Beach, this time at the quiet southernmost part of the beach.

Its rooms are airy and spacious, with floor-to-ceiling windows showing the sand and the trees, and the design is rustic and relaxed. A perfect place for those who just want to get away, although they do offer free shuttle service for when you want to visit the busy areas of the island.

They offer large family rooms as well as water sport equipment rentals, and there is both a restaurant and a pool, so you don’t need to ever leave your sanctuary if you don’t want to.

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Ferra Hotel and Garden Suites

Ferra Hotel and Garden Suites

Modern and aiming to please would best describe this hotel. It’s one of the freshest spots in the area, and you can tell by the architecture. This place is up-to-date with decisive choices in style. On top of that their rooms are both spacious and the least pricey in all 3 of the luxury picks.

They have a stylish & roomy rooftop pool area with an in-house restaurant, and they’re located near the heart of Boracay, 5 minutes away from both Bulabog Beach and D’Mall on foot.

This is a great affordable luxury pick if you don’t mind staying inland, rather then at the beach.

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In short

As you can see, Bulabog Beach is the more rustic and adventurous part of Boracay. It’s also budget friendly, though luxury can be had as well, and for a smaller price tag.

From the hotels listed above, the best luxury option is Banana Bay for its central location overlooking the bay, and its modern comforts. A good mid-range option is Ferra Premier for its great value for money. And if you’re on a budget, check out Lazy Dog for its cheap rooms and generous breakfast.

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