Best Diniwid Beach Hotels in Boracay

Choosing a good hotel at Diniwid Beach can be a challenge if you’ve never been to Boracay. That’s why I created this guide. To show you the best resorts in this area, so that you can quickly and easily find the perfect place for your stay.

Note: I selected the following hotels based on location, overall quality and value for money. I’ve also made sure that each has an overwhelming amount of positive reviews – so that they’re not just resorts that I like, but also places that other people were happy to stay at.

About Diniwid Beach

This rocky beach is located just north of White Beach. There’s a big cliff between them that prevents the the two beaches from being visible to each other. A small footpath carved at the edge of the cliff connects the two though, almost like an entryway to a secret place.

Diniwid is a more private slice of beach since the big cliff can give off the impression that it’s ‘the end of the road’, hence many people will never walk past it.

Aside from the peace, privacy and the other-worldliness of Diniwid, there are also better snorkeling views under its waters. For some reason, fishes just prefer swimming on this end.

Most resorts have less than 10 rooms here, since they focus more on the size of the accommodations. Booking well-ahead is going to be the only sure way to secure these places.

The following are the best hotels in the area, compiled for your ease. Price ranges from ~$10 to ~$95 per night.

Sulu Sea Boutique Hotel

Being just 1 to 2 minutes away from Diniwid Beach, Sulu Sea Boutique Hotel captures the true essence of the area: beautiful and relaxing. All eight of their rooms are spacious and one is gigantic with over 640 square feet. It has a a king-sized bed, a full-sized dining table, a roomy kitchenette, and even a breakfast nook.

This room was built with lounging in mind, a sliding door on one side opens to your very own balcony which is also – you guessed it – huge. The sun chairs there are ideal for tanning with the sounds of the ocean in the background. Alternatively, besides your room is a staircase to the shared terrace where you can overlook Diniwid Beach, if you want to mix it up a little and mingle with other guests.

The other rooms follow the same airy spacious theme, with their own verandas and seating areas sans the kitchenette. The whole boutique just whispers peace of mind and healing, a perfect for those who would like to unwind but still be within walking distance of White Beach.

Chillax Flashpackers Boracay

Chillax is a hostel-type accommodation. They offer 6 and 8-bed rooms, making it an ideal choice for those traveling alone or in large groups.

All rooms are built from shipping containers, so they are rather long and thin – the perfect shape for bunk beds. It adds an industrial feel to the place, but complemented with chic touches by Chillax. Overall, the place has a care free backpacker vibe while style being tasteful.

The arrangement of the beds inside the stylishly decorated containers gives each guest privacy, as it’s impossible to be seen while you’re in bed. If you’re keen on charging your gadgets while you sleep, do choose the lower bunks because they’re the only ones with power outlets. Small private fans are provided for each guest.

This place has one of the cheapest rates on the island, which makes it pretty enticing. And if you’re a woman and prefer staying with just girls, they also have an all-female dormitory room for just a dollar more.

They also have a private room with a king-sized bed, a sofa and all the regular amenities of other hotel rooms. It costs just a fraction more than their dorm rooms (when you book the room as a couple). So it makes for a great choice for when you like some romantic privacy with a hostel vibe and price point.

There are common areas for meals, table tennis and an outdoor space with a small pool. Their located about two to five minutes away from Diniwid Beach on foot, an excellent distance for the price, the privacy and the quality.

Vilus Place

This place looks like a modern house with a garden from the outside, but on the inside the rooms are the most hotel-like on this list. The design aesthetic of Vilus is clean and fresh, a good mix of elegance and organic.

Vilus Place’s rooms, just like most of the resorts in Diniwid, are few but huge. The ones located on the second floor all have their very own balcony overlooking a garden, big enough to fit two big chairs, a coffee table and still have space for more.

They have a restaurant on the premises overlooking the surrounding greenery where they serve their home-made food. The windows there have no glass separating you from the outside so you’ll be dining in fresh air.

Diniwid Beach is 2-3 minutes on foot, and CityMall is 10 minutes away but you may catch a public e-trike for P15 if you want to get there faster. This place is near everything and at this price, it’s a steal.