Boracay Packages for Hotels, Airfare and Tours

When traveling to Boracay, many visitors look for packages to make planning their trip more convenient and cost-efficient.

Below, I’ve outlined 4 categories of packages. The first 3 are the most common packages that visitors look for, which are accommodation only packages, accommodation plus airfare, and accommodation with tours. The fourth category of packages combines Boracay with other destinations in the Philippines.

Accommodation Only Packages

The packages listed here offer discounted rates on accommodation only, with some including airport transfers as well. These packages are a good choice for travelers who have everything else sorted, and just need a place to stay.


You can choose packages based on different accommodation choices that suit your party size and budget. Hotel transfers are included.

Filipino Travel Center

Here, you can find accommodation-only deals on several higher end hotels in Boracay. Hotel transfers are included.


This is a US based travel agency which offers accommodation and airport transfers only, where you can choose between several luxury resorts in Boracay.

Airfare and Hotel Packages

These packages are for travelers who want to minimise hassle and costs by getting airfare and accommodation bundled together. Some pages here offer users the choice of packages with or without airfare included.


This site allows you to choose your own package at a preset price depending on your budget. Some options include return flight tickets.


This page lists different accommodation packages, with options including and excluding airfare.

Travel Online

This site offers packages with options including and excluding airfares. Other perks like free photobooks, tour discounts, travel insurance, and free meals at selected hotels are also included.

Travel Ventours

On this site you can find a variety of packages, some including return flights from Manila, others including transport to Boracay via ferry, as well as packages offering accommodation and airport transfers only.

The Orient Beach Boracay

These packages are offered by The Orient Beach, a Boracay hotel, which stands out as they also include roundtrip airfare from Manila or Cebu in addition to accommodation.

Tour and Hotel Packages

These packages are for travelers who want the option of bundling accommodation and activities. Most packages include only island-hopping trips, while some give the option of going on a fully-guided tour. The majority of these packages also do not include airfare.

WTS Travel

This Singapore-based travel agency has a 4D3N package which includes accommodation, airport transfers and an island-hopping trip, as well as round trip flights from Singapore.

Kent Holidays

With this 3D2N package, you can choose from a list of different Boracay accommodations. Airport transfers and an island-hopping trip are included, airfare is excluded.

Multiple Destination Packages

These packages bundle guided tours for multiple popular destinations in the Philippines such as Manila, Cebu, Boracay and more together, so that travelers can experience the best of the country in a single trip.

This 7D6N trip takes you through Manila, Boracay and Cebu. It includes meals and tours, but excludes airfares.

MW Tours

This Australia-based travel agency combines Boracay with Manila, Palawan, and Cebu on an 11-day trip. Package includes flights, transfers, tours, and daily breakfasts.


This India-based travel agency offers a 7D6N trip combining Boracay with Manila and Cebu. Airfare is not included, but meals, transfers, and island-hopping are bundled in the package. There is an option to choose between 4-star or 5-star accommodation.